Thursday, September 29, 2011

Field trip and center sneak peek!

Wednesday we rode the bus over Teton pass to the Wildlife Art museum. We got there and had lunch first at the new amphitheater. The kids soaked up the sunshine and got probably a dozen compliments from tourists walking by. I was so proud and impressed by them. Someone would stop to talk to me and say how how polite they were. Way to go Kindergarten!

We made our way indoors to meet Ms. Amy for our museum tour and Native American design and decoration class. We enjoyed spotting patterns, shapes and colors in the artwork. Then we got to make a parfleche out of paper.
 The kids did a nice job of incorporating patterns onto their parfleche. They wanted to put treasures inside. We talked a lot about what the Native Americans might've put inside.

 ....the big roomers...who had just gotten picked up from Teton Science school in Kelly. I worked it so that we came back on the bus and it was a BIG surprise. The kindergartners were so happy and excited. Some even fell right to sleep when they got on the bus!
I can...
1. play a reading game
2. play a math game
3. work with a friend
4. build my hand strength
5. work as a team
6. practice taking turns
7. pretend to be the teacher
8. use technology 

Below Carson and Cecilia are playing Monkey business. They are trying to put the numbers back in order. It takes a lot of fine motor strength to use the pen, drag the object and write on the board. We are learning how to operate this very cool piece of technology.

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