Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 6 {Griffin Gazette} and other THINGS...

1st Alta School Camp-out in Teton fun!

Late night by the fire...
 Ms. Amy came to our school on Friday. She led us through a review first about what we had learned at the ART museum and then she taught us something new using the pattern wheel.

 Center sneak peek: This is ART!
Depending on the medium, this center is forever changing. 
Cecilia and Tristan make patterns with apple stamps.
 STUDENT of the MONTH! Alta school began a new tradition on Friday. At the end of every month a student from every class will be honored as the student of the month. Students can be nominated because of academics or behavior. This month in Kindergarten Cecilia has shown her enthusiasm for learning, follows the classroom rules, tries hard everyday and has exemplifies good citizenship. Thank you Cecilia!
 During Math workshop, we sorted our coins into buckets based on color, size and name.

 Last week Kindergartners set their individual goals and class goals. You will learn more about goal setting during Parent/Teacher conference time. For now, see the BIG SUPER CRITTER on the WALL... well, your little super critter is trying to chase that critter down by learning all they can. As the year progresses so does the critter! FOLLOW THAT CRITTER!
 Here is where the Kindergartners start...they are working hard to move forward!
AND NOW for this week...

READING workshop-
Essential question: How do families cooperate?
Story of the week: Plaidypus Lost
We will be story mapping, sequencing, learning to make TEXT to SELF connections, and reviewing characters and setting.
Snap words-the, little
Letter recognition- O, P, Q, R, S
Please read and complete the family times with your child this week.
Take note that TUESDAY-THURSDAY your child will be bringing home a book to read. Remember the 3 ways to read a book are:
1. Read the pictures.
2. Read the words.
3. Retell a story that you know.
Your child might have special directions on the front of the book!
This week we get # 3 and # 4 of the DAILY FIVE!
WORD WORK and READ TO SOMEONE...stay tuned for more!
Kids also get to start shopping for books this week.
Learn more about IPICK later this week with our IPICK movie!!! Stay tuned!

This week in WRITING...
We are working on functional writing pieces such as lists, labels, step by step...etc!
Keeping our materials organized...
Adding to a piece...
Oral storytelling...
More with heart mapping (brainstorming ideas so that we always can have a place to refer to when we are fresh out of ideas)
Writing VOLUNTEERS begin this week! :)

We are working on our APPLE math books.
Body Height comparisons
GEtting to know numbers 0-9
Finger counting fun
Sand and water table (volume and measurement)
PARENTS-please let me know what PHONE number you want your child to learn!

Other news:
Please have your child bring in a bag of leaves (different colors, sizes and shapes) by Friday!
OCTOBER 5th - Tracy Poduska here all day. 
OCTOBER 10th - No school for kids (Columbus day)
OCTOBER 13th and 14th...I will be out. Heather Dolman will be my sub. I am attending a WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING conference in Palm Springs, California. Learn more about whole brain teaching here!
OCTOBER 31st - Halloween party (Kids wear costumes all day) ROOM MOMS can post the sign up sheets outside the classroom and start recruiting parents for help!

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