Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a to yah in August!

So the last week was busy...we went on two fun-filled "FIELD-trips" was to Teton Canyon and the other to Starlight Skating rink in Idaho Falls. The kids were so much fun. Enjoy the pictures...I will miss these cute little "darlings" and I will be getting a new crop soon. I am off to FIND summer....and rest. See you in August.
A little writer's workshop in the woods.
Phew...aren't we done writing yet????
Busy as can be.
A little help from the teacher.
Sensing Spring...
What's up there?
I am so tired.
Share time.
THankfully, we didn't get any raindrops...okay, just a few..but we didn't notice.
Riding the bus.
70's skate day....THIS was the most fun I have had in a while...I'm just saying!
holding hands and helping out.
Even Mr. Starkey got into some 70's duds.
You got it!!!!
One more smile.
HOlding on tight.
Even Ms. Vancy joined in for some fun...OUr beloved BUS driver!!!!
THis was what we looked like on the way home.....nighty night!!! Have a fun-filled summer. I will miss you little love bugs.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LAST week...oh my!

I can't believe we are here again. These little guys sure have proved themselves and grown up so much. What to expect this WEEK:
TUESDAY: School BBQ picnic at 11:30.

WEDNESDAY: Kindergartners will receive diploma, autograph puppy, and GRADUATION hat during small, private "US" celebration in the AM.
K-2 Field trip to Teton Canyon...lunch, recess, games...and more. Teachers will provide a lunch. Feel free to join us. We leave at 11 AM. Make sure your little one has hiking shoes, warm clothes, coat and a hat.

THURSDAY: All school Field trip to Starlight Roller Rink in Idaho Falls. 70's cost. Teachers have it covered. WE will leave at 8:15 and will be back by dismissal. Make sure your little one wears socks. Feel free to meet us there if you wish, but there is NO room on the bus.

FRIDAY: EARLY release day at 12:30. Field day begins early in AM...followed by STAFF vs. BIG room kickball game...followed by 11AM lunch...ceremony...awards...CLAP-out and BELL ringing by BIG roomers. Come and join us.