Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring break is nearing! Only 5 more days to go. Talk about your plans with your little one. Ask them what adventures are to be had over break?

READING: We read If I could go to Antarctica and discussed had this great discussion about why we would go to Antarctica or why we wouldn't. It was cute. Our letter this week is short /e/. Please encourage your child to bring sharing that starts with our letter or the week. See the FAMILY TIMES for more.

Fishing game *applying attributes to different situations
Guess my number *develop awareness of equivalent names for numbers
Measurement *extend measurement skills by using our feet to measure distances
HOW BIG is a FOOT? *book and standard foot
Tally marks *review tally marks as a way to count and record groups of 5

Wrapping up our POST OFFICE's been so fun to write letters all over. We will continue this at our own interest level, but after SPRING break we are on to another NARRATIVE (small moment story).

OTHER news:
YOUR awesome kiddos EARNED themselves a "P" party on FRIDAY. They have been rewarded for their good behavior. MOST parents ask..."WHY a "P" Party?" The reason is...because everything FUN starts with the letter /p/.
Our day will go something like this:
PACKETS and PUZZLES (USING a pencil and a purple crayon)
POCKET sharing (doesn't have to start with a p, but it does have to fit in your pocket)
Kids should bring a stuffed animal from home that starts with P (pig, penguin, puppy..etc)
WE will be having a POPcorn snack with pretzels and peas (this was your kids' idea)
I will provide a POPSICLE for our PJ-PARADE.
ALL kiddos should come in their PJs!!!!
ANY other fun "P" ideas are welcome and appreciated.

WE are so excited. Talk to your kids about how much I appreciate them being SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE....they earned this!!!!! I am so proud of them. I usually have this party closer to the end of the year. WOW....this is an impressive bunch.

Mrs. G

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MUSIC.....and Meredith had a lot of lambs...lot of lambs...

Wednesday we had the pleasure of having a woodwind quintet + a piano visit our school and play for us. We enjoyed hearing them play and asking LOTS of questions. DID You know that March was NATIONAL music in schools month?

Each musician had an introduction about their instrument.
This was our favorite....DO YOU KNOW what it is???
It's a basoon! Do you know how long it is? It looks smaller than this musician...right?
Find out more!
ON THURSDAY...we went to the FARM....Spring in Alta is awesome.
Meet Meredith Wilson...owner and operator of the Wilson Ranch. Thursday K-2 traveled less than half a mile down the street to meet the new baby lambs. We had such a wonderful time.
Snuggle up with a wee one.
Boys in the barn.
Mrs. Griffin....LOOK!
Milk from mama. what?
AND there is even a black one.
Get in line to view the chickens.
3 amigos

What a wonderful week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

And let the countdown begin...

Hello wonderful Alta families. Can you believe it's almost Spring Break? I am so excited about my trip to Florida. Jordy's sister is getting married and Whit gets to see the beach. So fun. Where are you going? What are you doing?

This week we are busy little critters. We are reading an oldie this week..."Goldilocks and the Three bears" We are still talking about adventures that little people can go on...such as Goldilocks did. Today we wrote alternate endings to this great story. Our letter of the week is /Gg/ so please encourage your child to bring G sharing. Our snap words are still the number words: one, two, three, four and five. See the FAMILY times for more info.

During writing we are still busy with letter writing, practicing our sentences, and reading responses. Thanks for all the stamp donations...they will come in handy during our pen-pal exchange.

Math this week:
Slate activities include practice with number writing and other numeration skills
Attribute blocks- sorting blocks according to what they might have in common
What's my rule- introduce a game that helps children think about sorting rules...see HW that comes home tonight.
Two digit number practice and guess my number game
Measurement with children's feet

Themework- Nurse Ross comes tomorrow to talk to us about poisons in school and at home.

We have our counseling lesson with Mrs. Audrey today as well. She has been coming on Tuesdays for 30 minutes to discuss all kinds of being INTERRUPTING while an adult or friend is talking. We talk about NOT being an erupting volcano.

Woodwind concert at 1:45 on Wednesday in the gym.

It's Spring (kind of) we are heading to the Wilson Ranch to check out the baby lambs. We are headed over on Thursday with the 1st and 2nd graders after lunch. Please send MUD boots with your child on Thursday. It will be muddy and messy in the barn if you can help your little one come prepared.

Happy ALMOST Spring BREAK....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!

THIS WEEK: We will be celebrating St. Patrick's day on Wednesday with a parade down the hallway on our way to lunch. We will also celebrate my 30th on Thursday with something yummy...don't know what it will be yet!

READING: We are reading One Little Mouse. We are talking about adventures that we go on. Our snap words include: one, two, three, four, five
See FAMILY times for more INFO.

FINDING a GOOD FIT book: Try this skill out at the PUBLIC library or BOOK store.
I look at the book.
P urpose (am I reading for fun or to learn)
I nterest (am I interested in this book)
C omprehend (do I understand what I am reading)
K now (do I know most of the words)

WRITING: We are having so much fun with our CLASSRoom post office. WE are writing letters to home, school and far away. I could use some stamps. I have a book, but would love a donation of few as well. EVEN ONE would be awesome. THANKS!

MATH: We are going to spiral back around this week with....shapes, counting, addition, subtraction, reviewing half, and learning ALL about function machines....stay tuned for math that comes home.

Upcoming events: We are hoping to do a sleigh ride this week at the WILSON's ranch...before the snow melts. I will let you know when so that you can pack the MUD boots.

WEDNESDAY: WEAR GREEN or get gently pinched!!!! hehehe

THURSDAY: 1:30-2:30 We are having a BEACH B-day your child pick out some fun beach wear....even the flip-flops.

Friday: We are hoping to head over to the senior citizen center to read our YOUNG author's books. Stay tuned for more on this as well.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

At a glance!

It's a BUSY and SHORT week. We have Parent/Teacher conferences this week and FRIDAY off so mark your calendars. If you forgot your scheduled time, call or email me at school. I am looking forward to catching up with you about your child.

READING: Unit Four/Let's Explore
We are reading My Lucky Day and we will be discussing adventures. Our letter of the week is /L/. See the Family times tonight for more.

MATH: This week we will be touching on the following...
*Calculator fun
*Roll and record (addition and subtraction)
*Reviewing shapes
*Using slates
*Discussing attributes using blocks
*What's my rule (sorting rules)

WRITING: We wrapped up YOUNG AUTHORs last week. A big PAT on the back to those kindergarteners...they worked hard. Come and take a look at their stories hanging in the hallway. We will celebrate them more in April when we have YOUNG AUTHORS night.
This week we will begin a letter writing unit. We hope to start TOWN pen-pals as well.

*Discussing community with our letters
*Visiting TREES in the SPRING

Have a!
Love, Mrs. G

little of this...little of that..

It was a busy week last week...but we pulled it off in KINDERGARTEN fashion...check out some highlights in the pictures below!

Me and You feelings BALL with Mrs. Audrey...(She comes every Tuesday)
Dress up at it's BEST....
Pajamas and Seuss!
Friday...was a BUSY and CRAZY day...I added GREEN EGGS and HAM to the mix! Mrs. Blackburn helped in the kitchen and I played waitress to 9 Kindergarteners who were a bit skeptical of green eggs and ham...
Add Image
Needless to say they enjoyed them....
It was fun...and funny to watch their faces
Whityn spent the day with us on was an experience for ALL of us!
The kids loved it and couldn't keep their hands off of him...
Everybody let's touch the baby!

Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH madness....and news!

Reading: It's READ across AMERICA week! Yippy! We are celebrating the life of Dr. Seuss all week long. His birthday is tomorrow and our class will participate in READ across AMERICA (which means we will read for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes long) Kids will set a goal and try to reach it. Kids who reach their goal will receive a CERTIFICATE. Feel free to stop in from 9-10am tomorrow and join us for any amount of time.
WE are working on "READ to self" strategies!
*Get started right away
*Stay in one spot
*Read quietly
*Read the whole time
*Work on Stamina
*Helps the students

READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK DRESS code (in honor of Dr. Seuss)
TUESDAY- Silly sock day
WEDNESDAY- Crazy Hat day
FRIDAY-Mix and Match day
Have fun with this and build enthusiasm for READ across AMERICA week!

*Meet the calculator
*Roll and Record with two dice (addition)
*Body and rope shapes
*Subtraction symbol and practice

Young Authors is being wrapped up. We are working on our illustrations now. Today is ACTION day where we make the action from our stories.
We will be publishing on Friday. We hope to bring them to the Senior Citizen Center to show them off.

Report cards come home next week. Parent/teacher conferences are next week too. Please let me know if a particular day works best for you. I will be making the schedule later in the week.

*Have your child bring their FAVORITE Seuss book this week to share!

*Our sharing this week is the letter /H/
Happy MARCH!!!!!
Mrs. G