Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week before break.

Hello everyone! I am looking forward to next week as are the kids. I hope everyone has a wonderful travel week or some nice relaxing time at home. We will be headed to Panama City Beach. See below our condo. :)

Our week looks like this:
If you could go to Antartica (Interactive Readaloud) 
Letter of the week: /Ee/
Snap word soup: go, here, from
See the family times for more. 
Books will come home Tuesday-Thursday so please help by reading them and sending them back the following day.

We will be working on a WRITING PROMPT taking a little break from our EXPERT "Animal" books.  We will pick back up with our Expert books on Thursday and Friday. The kids and I expect to be finished by next Friday. We hope to have an Author's Chair too. More information on that to come.

Penny and Nickel review (Exchange game)
Shape Museum: We are learning about  cubes, spheres and cylinders. Please bring in some if you have some around your house.
Reviewing Symmetry
Counts to measure time
Reviewing graphs and surveys

Spanish this week:
Goldilocks and the three bears (Salsa video) 

So many hearts this little boy touched. We will be thinking of him and his family this week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's my party...and I will cry if I want too!

This week in Reading:
We are reading Goldilocks and the three bears. We will be studying character and taking a closer look at the characters in the books we read. We will also be talking about where our adventures will take us. 
Letter of the week: /Gg/
Comprehension skill: Character
Snap word review: one, two, three, four and five
See the FAMILY times for more.

This week in Writing:
We are continuing our EXPERT books on our Wyoming animals. All of our research is complete. Our books look great so far. The kids are enjoying the FLIP book and are making the smooth transfer from lines to no lines. Today we worked on capital VS lowercase. I told the kids that we are working really hard to turn our letters little and lowercase. They did a nice job today and will be working on that this week.

This week in Math:
Craft stick patterns (making and extending)
Measuring objects with standard units (see homework sheet)
Snack number stories
Number grid games
Review of Penny and Nickel (Penny Exchange)
Shape museum (cubes, spheres, cylinders)

Other news:
Thursday is St. Patrick's day. Kindergarten will hopefully outDRESS the school with fun assortments of green. Be creative if your child wants to participate. We will be parading through the school before lunch. They may wear hats, necklaces, sunglasses or anything fun in the SPIRIT of St. Patrick's day. The kids will learn more about Ireland and the luck of eloquence. And you never know...Loulou-the leprechaun might show up...you never know!

Friday is my birthday and I will be bringing cupcakes to share. YUM. 

Please let me know if you plan on being out in the next 2 weeks. 
Only 12 more days 'til Spring break...where are you headed?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming up!!!!

A big "thanks" to all the parents out there doing a GREAT job with their kindergartners. Thanks for meeting with me. I am looking forward to catching up with a few more of you this week or next.  It was great to share all the learning and growing that your little one is doing. I am so excited about this group and where they are at. 

Monday ended our AWESOME ski program AND...
Tuesday concluded our last CROSS COUNTRY ski day with PE. A big thanks for Mr. Hoffman for heading this up.

Coming up:
Thursday, March 10th Joe and Dondi (2 community members) will be at our school doing an Introduction powerpoint and presentation after lunch about our big project coming up. You may be wondering about this BIG project. Well, the Alta school is doing a  3-D Wild Wyoming Spring project. Each grade is covering parts of their science, social studies, writing and reading curriculums and incorporating an ART project that will be made 3-D for our LIVE gallery coming in May. Until then, we will be researching our Wyoming animal and writing an EXPERT flip book about it. Our WYOMING ANIMAL masks are up in our classroom already for your viewing pleasure. In April during Poetry month we will be writing poems about our animals...and not to mention the ANIMAL MOVEMENT study we are doing with Mrs. Tebay on Wednesdays. Stay tuned!!!

Menu change: Wednesday is meatball sub and Thursday is Trout treasures...from the kitchen of Ms. Rose

This week in Reading:
We are back in our Scott Foresman Reading program onto Unit 4: Let's Explore!
Where will our adventures take us?
Reading One Little Mouse by Dori Chaconas and discussing SEQUENCING. This week while you listen to your child read. Stop and have them tell you what happened first, next and then last. This is an important comprehension skill that we should master.
PHONICS: consonant blends
Check your child's folder Tuesday - Thursday for nightly reading. Always send the books back to school the following day. 
This week all kindergartners will practice their book talks. Everyone brought a book from home or chose a book our of their book box. I will be looking for the following:
Correct sounds
good voice
eye contact
telling and not reading 
A book talk includes: 
Say your name
Say the title of the book
Say the Author of the book
Tell about the characters in your book
Tell about why it is a book that others should read
Book and practice sheet will come home Thursday for you TO PRACTICE AT HOME and Friday I will test the kids for their SPEAKING/LISTENING goals. Thanks for your help with this.

This week in Math:
Tools for measuring length (ruler, feet, tape measurer, blocks, cubes)
Practicing EXCHANGE (exchanging five pennies for a nickel in a math game called exchange)
Reviewing graphs
Attribute trains/sorting
Tally marks
Intro to the Number Grid

Writing this week includes the BIG PROJECT from above and a BIG HANDWRITING FOCUS!!!

Have a wonderful week. 
:) Mrs. Griffin