Monday, February 22, 2010


Did you know?
THAT a kindergartener is an EXPERT if they know 3 or more facts about something....yep.
So, we wrote an Expert book. Kids published and we invited our family in to hear our "Expert books"! We set up stations with 2-3 readers each. We took turns and read our story to them and asked if they would take a sticky note and write a compliment in our book. This was our favorite part.

Getting serious.
Setting up shop.
We love an audience.
It makes us so proud.
Paired up.
Getting complimented.
WAy to go YOUNG Authors!!!!

News and MORE...

Well, it was our last ski day today. WE MADE it!!!!! Other than a few disappointments....during the reward ceremony...we made it! Everyone had fun today during our RACEs....we even had some winners! Congrats to every all the Kindergarteners for competing....I am proud of you!

Reading: We read Hyde Clyde today. Our magic letter is still /Oo/ because it is a vowel. Feel free to have your child bring in SHORT /o/ sharing!
See Family Times!

Math: How did "TOP-IT" go at home? Did you play?
Does your child know their address? phone number?
Can they count by 2's?

Writing: We are working our WAY through Young Authors. We are planning our stories now...and will begin writing tomorrow. Our Art for OUR story should begin on Friday. Would anyone like to help? Let me know. I need some extra hands. Let me know.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Short week...late newsletter!

Mini-Griffin Gazette

Reading: See Family times coming home tonight! Our letter of the week is /O/! Please encourage your child to bring /o/ sharing.

Writing: Congrats to all my authors. I am so proud of you. Thanks to those of you who showed up to hear and support your young author. Stories will come home soon at Parent/Teacher Conferences. I still need to make copies of these wonderful pieces.

Math: We are working on probability, learning a new game called: The Train Game (to help us with counting and concrete addition and subtraction), using a walk-on number line, and learning a game called TOP-it (just like the card game WAR).

Other news:

We have started our YOUNG AUTHOR stories. The ideas that are floating are quite creative. We are excited to share this with you in May during our school-wide YOUNG-AUTHOR celebration.

Next Monday is our last ski day. Feel free to join us and watch your child compete in a race. It's so fun! Bring your camera!

The cross-country ski unit is all done in PE. The kids are now perfecting their HOCKEY skills. Ask them all about it.

Kindergarten filled their 2ND BEAN jar for GOOD BEHAVIOR and are being rewarded today with Chocolate-chip friendship bread. YUM!

Have a wonderful short week!
Mrs. G

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy Busy

Kindergarten kids have been busy. We began our week with winter sports, the 100th day, painting, making VALENTINE boxes, wrapping up a unit on "Expert books" and brainstorming for our BIG "YOUNG Author's" project!

Here we are with 1st and 2nd graders painting "ERIC CARLE" style!
Lining up to wash....(I was in the background saying "DON'T touch anything!!!!!)
Making a mess....I mean VALENTINE boxes!
everybody executing their plan...they turned out so cute.
measuring our 100 things!
ALL done!
We had a longest, shortest, yummiest, heaviest, lightest, hardest, softest, and biggest! It was fun. Thanks for helping with this one parents!

Monday, February 8, 2010's the 100th day today!

10 tens makes 100!
10 of these makes a sandwich
How about 100 of these?
Will 100 kernels feed kindergarten for snack? some say yes, some say no.
it didn't...we ended up popping 400!
Watch in amazement...
WE ARE 100 days smarter!

*Should we start counting down tomorrow? hehe

GRIFFIN Gazette and more!

We are reading Farfallina and Marcel. Our letter this week is /Ff/ and our comprehension skill is the plot. Look for more in the FAMILY times.

QUESTION: How do friendships change?

We are celebrating the 100th day today in Kindergarten! We each brought in 100 things in a bag. We will be counting, measuring and comparing this week. Thanks for your help with this.

Writing: We are aiming to PUBLISH by Friday of this week and have our publishing party next Tuesday at 11:00 right before lunch. We would love for parents to come in and stay to have lunch with us.


**LATE arrival is on WEDNESDAY of this week. Please don’t send your kids until 10:00am!**

^^^^I still need a TUESDAY VOLUNTEER at 12:20-1:20. Let me know if you can help^^^

Our Valentine party is on Friday at 1:30 until the end of the day. We are making our VALENTINE boxes on Wednesday at 1:30. Please let me know if you would like to help me with this craft. If you are donating a snack for our party, please drop it off before 1:30pm. Thanks for your help.

Mrs. G

CHECK back for pictures later!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


FEBRUARY 12th at 1:30
Sign up:

Healthy snack___________________
SWEET SNACK___________________
Drink ___________________
Paper goods_________________

PLEASE leave a comment of which you would like to do if you can help!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb. 1st GG

This week in Kindergarten:
READing- We are reading "SEE HOW WE GROW" and talking about how much we have changed since we were babies. Our letters of the week are /Dd/ and /Kk/ and our snap words are review words: see and look *See FAMILY times that will come home on Tuesday night for more information.

WRITing- We are working on our "EXPERT books"...a book about an animal that we chose and that we KNOW a lot about. Kids had to brainstorm 4+ facts last week about their animal. This week we use a MENTOR text (HELPer book) to guide us on how we want our book to look...AND we TRY it out.

MATH- Kids are measuring the BLUE whale this week (see Kindergarten) hallway for more!
We are also working on number card games, probability, and reviewing the PAN balance.
Our sharing this week can start with a D or a K...Please remind your child they can bring both or just one. We only had 3 shares last week and are hoping for more this week!
Remember last week when I mentioned the ACCREDITATION for our school. Well, this week a team of 2 teachers and 1 principal will be in our school. For any questions, see older post for link. NOTE: Oral Exit report will be given by this team on Friday at 3:00-3:30. All are welcome! Please feel free to join us as you are the stakeholders of our school!
*CHeck 100th day post to learn more about it!!!! Scroll on down!

sneak peek.

Puppets have been a HOTspot lately in CENTERS...we took a field trip to the ALTA library a few weeks ago and they have ALL these which WE Hammed it up with I broke out our puppets and have been encouraging puppet shows...they love it.
Playplace is the #1 pick in Centers! I love the conversations that go on in here....hilarious!
Every week we get to make a new word sort (it usually goes right along with our letter of the week) are getting better at the routine....and they love Friday..because they get to GLUE it down!
Lately in the morning as kids arrive...I have out a floor puzzle...they are obsessed with finishing it...and if they don't finish, they BEG to leave it there until later...sometimes I give in! I love watching the TEAMwork!
Last Friday, I taught some to play H.O.R.S.E and P.I.G
It was so funny. I don't know if they really got it...because about midway through our 2nd little boy says, "Mrs. Griffin, Can we just play basketball now?".....
Here they are mid game...
check out that form.
When asked what are you guys playing: in unison..."STarwars Mrs. Griffin....wanna play?"
We had a special little visitor on Friday who will go to KINDERgarten next year. My kids all of a sudden seemed so big...they were such BIG helpers to him. They were showing him the ropes and explaining rules...I loved watching this.
PUZZLE completed: YES!!!!!!