Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday night update...not as late as last week!

So we started the ABC dance grant with pARTners...the kids had so much fun. 

Kids kept telling me "Mrs. Griffin...this is really fun." 

Whityn (my little guy), Devon and Carson enjoy a game of  CANDYland during center time.

Gideon helps Whityn over to the firepit. 

Mommy love.


Is this close enough?


A good ole snuggle.

I got something in my teeth....click.

LOVE> (sorry to blur this one)

My babes!
This week...

This week your child may of told you that we began "MYSTERY BAG" sharing...
This is how it works - 
1. Bring in any item that begins with any vowel in a canvas/dark colored bag.
2. Have your child write 3 clues about the item.
3. We will be sharing all week. Your child can bring sharing everyday if they wish. This is just a fun review for vowels...and good speaking and listening practice.

More dinosaur FUN during reading and math workshops...and of course CENTER time. 

Wednesday - Mrs. Griffin is 20 weeks...half way there!!!

Thursday, May 31st is our SLIDE a THON from 5-7 pm at the school. Please see the EVITE. I hope you can make it.

ABC dance practice everyday this week. 

Friday, June 1st is our ABC dance performance at 2:00 PM.

June 6th? or June 8th? End of the year classroom party...here is what I am thinking!!!
Camping Party: Set up several tents as play stations outside the classroom, prepare nature crafts, play horseshoes and animal charades. Borrow a dad to GRILL out for kids and parents, s’mores (made with marshmallow spread)...
Go Hawaiian Party: Play the limbo, hand out leis (or make your own as a classroom project,) create ‘Island’ snacks like pineapple skewers and coconut treats, and dig for beach finds in a sandbox-filled with shells and also a good grill out opportunity...
keep it simple...classroom fun...dance...play...centers...and make homemade icecream with Crista...(we are doing that regardless...but just putting it out there)

June 11th - Field trip to Heise Hot Springs..more info. to come later.

June 12 - Field day...kickball game against BIG room....and graduation activities. 

Only 10 more days....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

DELAYED...behind...and busy!

Sorry for the delayed blog! Apparently things picked up around here. I enjoyed seeing all the moms and friends at Mother's day. It was a huge success! We had tea...muffins...and enjoyed a wonderful movie that we made. Thanks for coming!

We have been busy wrapping things up lately. We worked hard last week on comparing and contrasting this week we started something EXCITING! Students  began on Monday with a huge egg...what kind of egg? A dinosaur egg!
Students have been busy inferring what was in the egg...then given clues and then inferred again. Students have been using their schema to think about what they already know about dinosaurs. We are adding each day what we learn during read aloud or during independent reading time. Students created a VENN diagram of carnivores...herbivores...and BOTH. Today and tomorrow students will work on a  dinosaur dig (digging for just the right amount of baby dinosaurs and bones to complete a math craft).

Other things we are working on in reading:
Snap words: What, Are
Letters: Letter review...concentrating on vowels!

Using our Reading strategies to attack hard words.

Building our stamina during Independent reading time.

Learning how to pick out a JUST right book on our level!!!!

1. I spy with 2-D and 3-D shapes
2. Reviewing temperature
3. Coin exchange with Pennies...Nickels and Dimes!
4. Comparison number stories
5. Class collections
6. Number stories book

We have been working on our last personal narrative. Students worked really hard last week brainstorming where stories happen...on the playground...in school...on playdates...trips..etc. THen we brainstormed 3 possible stories...and then picked the best one to STTTTTRRREETTTCHCHHHHH out to make into a book.

Monday students began working on their stories. They got right to work. Today and tomorrow we will continue to write independently and confer as needed.

Students will be revising and publishing next week. We hope to squeeze out one last writer's celebration. Stay tuned.

For the past two weeks students have been using their computer time to take the MAP test. It is one way we measure our student's growth at the Alta school. Today we finished the last 2 test for reading and math. I am very proud of your child for trying their hardest.

Tomorrow students will be taking the DIBELS test with Mrs. O' Brian...

Other things to put on the calendar:
May 25th 1-2:30 student begin the ABC dance with PARTNERS.

May 28th - Memorial day

JUNE 1st is the PERFORMANCE at 2:00 in the Alta gym. Please mark your calendar. I hope you can make it. 

May 28th - Interviews for my long term sub position

May 31st - PTO slide a thon at the Alta school 5-7...see EVITE sent out earlier in the week from PTO.

June 7th - VOLUNTEER luncheon (stay tuned for more information...but mark your calendar for 11:30

June 8th - Homemade ice cream with Crista outside

June 11th - ALL School field trip to Heise Hot springs or Pierre's playhouse...to be announced soon.

June 12th - Field day in the AM (parents invited) LUNCH with ROSE...(parents invited) and annual kickball game TEACHERS vs. 6th graders and graduation...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Missoula Children's theatre WEEK!!!

Greetings from the ALTA school. We are going to have an exciting and busy week filled with auditions, workshops, and rehearsals. To top it all off we are headed out on a Field trip Friday to the Driggs High school. We will depart at 8:30 and rehearse all morning and then have lunch. Please bring a sack lunch for your child on FRIDAY!!!
After lunch Kindergarten, first and second will be on the town in Driggs. WE haven't decided what we are going to do yet while the BIGGER kids rehearse. We are considering the gymnastics building, park, ice-cream visit, and maybe just an adventure. I will let you know by Wednesday if you would like to join us. It would be great to have some parents with us.

BIG announcement: pARTners ABC dance is cancelled for next week. Our studio dancer from the Center for the ARTS is backed up with Colter Elementary's performance so we RE-scheduled for the week of the 28th of May. Please mark your calendars for a performance on June 1st at 2:00 in the gym at the Alta school. Thanks.

Since pARTners is cancelled...I was thinking of a Mother's day celebration on Friday the 11th at 1:45. We would love to have you here for Muffins and Tea. Let me know if you can make it. If not feel free to send dad, grandma, a neighbor...or a friend. We have a little surprise for you!!!

Our schedule is all over the place this week. We will be REVIEWING in READING from here on out. Students will be given the END of the YEAR test in a one on one setting with either Anjie Beard or I. Students will also be taking a READING AND MATH TEST CALLED MAP on the computer next week.

During Writer's workshop we will working hard on our LETTER writing unit.

Math we will have somewhat a normal schedule:
Number Grid
Adding and subtracting a number grid
Coin exchange
Penny and Nickel practice
Solid shape museum