Thursday, May 24, 2012

DELAYED...behind...and busy!

Sorry for the delayed blog! Apparently things picked up around here. I enjoyed seeing all the moms and friends at Mother's day. It was a huge success! We had tea...muffins...and enjoyed a wonderful movie that we made. Thanks for coming!

We have been busy wrapping things up lately. We worked hard last week on comparing and contrasting this week we started something EXCITING! Students  began on Monday with a huge egg...what kind of egg? A dinosaur egg!
Students have been busy inferring what was in the egg...then given clues and then inferred again. Students have been using their schema to think about what they already know about dinosaurs. We are adding each day what we learn during read aloud or during independent reading time. Students created a VENN diagram of carnivores...herbivores...and BOTH. Today and tomorrow students will work on a  dinosaur dig (digging for just the right amount of baby dinosaurs and bones to complete a math craft).

Other things we are working on in reading:
Snap words: What, Are
Letters: Letter review...concentrating on vowels!

Using our Reading strategies to attack hard words.

Building our stamina during Independent reading time.

Learning how to pick out a JUST right book on our level!!!!

1. I spy with 2-D and 3-D shapes
2. Reviewing temperature
3. Coin exchange with Pennies...Nickels and Dimes!
4. Comparison number stories
5. Class collections
6. Number stories book

We have been working on our last personal narrative. Students worked really hard last week brainstorming where stories happen...on the school...on playdates...trips..etc. THen we brainstormed 3 possible stories...and then picked the best one to STTTTTRRREETTTCHCHHHHH out to make into a book.

Monday students began working on their stories. They got right to work. Today and tomorrow we will continue to write independently and confer as needed.

Students will be revising and publishing next week. We hope to squeeze out one last writer's celebration. Stay tuned.

For the past two weeks students have been using their computer time to take the MAP test. It is one way we measure our student's growth at the Alta school. Today we finished the last 2 test for reading and math. I am very proud of your child for trying their hardest.

Tomorrow students will be taking the DIBELS test with Mrs. O' Brian...

Other things to put on the calendar:
May 25th 1-2:30 student begin the ABC dance with PARTNERS.

May 28th - Memorial day

JUNE 1st is the PERFORMANCE at 2:00 in the Alta gym. Please mark your calendar. I hope you can make it. 

May 28th - Interviews for my long term sub position

May 31st - PTO slide a thon at the Alta school 5-7...see EVITE sent out earlier in the week from PTO.

June 7th - VOLUNTEER luncheon (stay tuned for more information...but mark your calendar for 11:30

June 8th - Homemade ice cream with Crista outside

June 11th - ALL School field trip to Heise Hot springs or Pierre's be announced soon.

June 12th - Field day in the AM (parents invited) LUNCH with ROSE...(parents invited) and annual kickball game TEACHERS vs. 6th graders and graduation...

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  1. Great update! I'm behind too! 9 more days with the kids. You rock Mrs. Griffin! xo Brooklyn


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