Friday, September 28, 2012

Last week of September!

The kids are starting to notice the signs of fall! The leaf collection we have is really HUGE and we are pressing the leaves for next week so we can make leaf animals!

Writing- The kids were learning about different signs in the school and in our community and we got to create special signs for our classroom to remind ourselves about the rules we follow while in the class!

Reading- Next week the kids are going to be learning the sight words: I, am. With these two words they are going to be starting to read! I know they are excited. We are also going to be learning how to connect the story we are reading to their lives!

Math- The kids had a great time creating color patterns on headbands that they got to show off the whole week! This coming week, we will be finishing up Unit 1 in Math and learning more about numbers and counting

Science- We learned all about fabric this week! We learned words to describe what they feel like and look like. And we also labeled all the different fabrics we have around our classroom! Have your child point out the different fabrics that you have around your house!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The Buckaroo’s News

The kids had an amazing time this week at the Targhee Mountain Resort where they learned about the local animals as well as the local landscape with the Targhee Naturalist! They also learned new skills in the water with their swim coaches (chicken, airplane, soldier)! And last but not least, they got to learn new team building games!
Below: Pictures of team B & C!

Our Classroom
The kids have been learning many different songs!
-Days of the Week (to the tune of the Adam's Family)
- Months of the Year (hand gestures like the Macarena)
-Who Let the Letters Out by Dr. Jean

We have been learning 3 different ways to read a book
1.Picture Walk
2. Retell a story they already know
3. Read the Words
If you are looking for a way to read with your child. Have them Picture Walk the book with you!

The kids have been telling their stories by drawing pictures and adding detail. Their work is kept in their Writer's Workshop folders. They have also been sharing their stories with their classmates during sharing time!

We had a week off of math this week because of swimming, but will be starting fresh with patterns and coin comparisons.

The kids will be starting their first science unit on fabric. They will be looking at and using fabric for all different things!

We are just wrapping up our first month of school! Congratulations to all the Kindergartners!