Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fine Motor frenzy and recycled projects!

Every now and then I get a bit carried away with the way a child grips a pencil...especially when I see them lacking fine motor!!!!
I set up stations (after some brainstorming with the OT, pinterest, my friends, and using some creativity)
Station 1: GET A GRIP
I throw puff balls all over...and say...ON YOUR MARK...get set...go! I have them pick them up as quick as they can with a clothespin and put them in their bucket...however they can only use the thumb and pointer to work their clothespin!
 The Double Doodle: Both hands doing the same thing at the same's tricky!
 BEAN SOUP: tweezer sort beans...hehehehe
 Bead towers: Thread your beads on a pipe cleaner as fast as you can.

 Modeling the Double Doodle
 Earth Day projects
We use anything in the room to create something crafty! They loved this. I planned for 20 minutes but we went for an hour because they were so into it!

 And a Spring Birthday...another one turns 6!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Taken over and more...

HELP! My class is being taken over by these BOK CHOY toys. At first it was cute and wasn't a big deal, but now it's OUT OF CONTROL. Please help me by not letting your child bring these or  any toys in the classroom unless we have discussed it. It is a huge distraction and takes away from class time. Thanks.
A big thanks to all who came to YOUNG author's night. It is such a fun way to celebrate all the great writers and illustrators we have at our school. A big WAHOO for Madison who took first place writer, Bjorn who took first place illustrator and this year for our two finalists: Gus and Avery.

I am so very proud of all my writers. I hope you enjoy the books. I will send home the rest tonight.

Students are working hard during reading time inferring and bringing it all together!

We take our Unit 4 test this week.

During Writing students have been involved in a variety of different projects. You should check out our sense poems hanging outside our class.
We are publishing small moment stories from Spring Break.
We are independently working on a HOW to BOOK for our MID YEAR writing prompt!!! 

We are working hard on our TEEN's. Click on the word to watch the video and sing with your child. During the month of May we will be taking on a school-wide MATH FACTS challenge.
Kindergarten goals will include:
1. I can count to 100
2. I can count backwards from 20
3. I can count by 2's
4. I can count by 5's
5. I can count by 10's 
6. I know and can write all my teen numbers

Each goal will earn them a LEAF on our BIG ALTA tree. Stay tuned for more. I am going to try and have Math night in May as well.

We are learning about Puerto Rico this week and next. We will be listening to music from there, watching a video about life there and reading "On the Beautiful Island". This storybook is a lyrical and beautifully illustrated account of a day in the life of a Taíno boy living 500 years ago on the island of Puerto Rico. It gives a child's-eye account of the strong bonds that these ancient people had with the natural world and one another. From poetic descriptions of the morning gathering of the crops to the magic of storytelling by the evening fire with Mother and Father, young readers will discover the rewards of a life lived close to the earth. Children will find additional pleasure in the antics of Tahite, a colorful pet parrot, and in vivid illustrations of the island's inhabitants, from the smallest coqui frog to the mightiest ceiba tree. As readers become enthralled with the workings of the ancient Taíno culture, a philosophy of strength of community, respect for resources, and the value of friendship will inspire them to enjoy and protect the natural world that surrounds them. THIS IS A PERFECT READ for "EARTH DAY" week. 

THINGS TO STOP and JOT down!!!
Please pack the big 5 if snow is on the ground!!!!!!

April 29-30 Basho and friends are here!!!

May 3rd Trip to the Wilson Farm

May 6th -10th TEACHER appreciation week! :)

May 27th - No school for Memorial Day

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And we're back! Some pictures to welcome you.

Zoe's mom Bonnie reading to the kids....she wins for spirit and dress up for sure!!!!!

MY eggs were sooooo green this year. :)

We watched the old school Cat in the Hat on's the best. 

Enjoying GREEN eggs and ham!
Enjoying Truffala tree desserts! Thank you Sheena for making these gems!

Reading Seuss!

Truffala trees
Whitty showed up just in time for a Truffala tree dessert. Lucky kid.

We read for 30 minutes! Wow!!!!


 We made it to Alabama in time to see my brother tie the knot...then we were off to Florida for a week of fun in the sun.
It was perfect.

We made it back safely and Madden is sitting up strong...eating lots of pureed foods and Whitty loves harassing him...