Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fine Motor frenzy and recycled projects!

Every now and then I get a bit carried away with the way a child grips a pencil...especially when I see them lacking fine motor!!!!
I set up stations (after some brainstorming with the OT, pinterest, my friends, and using some creativity)
Station 1: GET A GRIP
I throw puff balls all over...and say...ON YOUR MARK...get set...go! I have them pick them up as quick as they can with a clothespin and put them in their bucket...however they can only use the thumb and pointer to work their clothespin!
 The Double Doodle: Both hands doing the same thing at the same's tricky!
 BEAN SOUP: tweezer sort beans...hehehehe
 Bead towers: Thread your beads on a pipe cleaner as fast as you can.

 Modeling the Double Doodle
 Earth Day projects
We use anything in the room to create something crafty! They loved this. I planned for 20 minutes but we went for an hour because they were so into it!

 And a Spring Birthday...another one turns 6!

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