Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Short Week!

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend. I am glad to be back in the saddle. Being sick is not fun at all. Over the long weekend, Mrs. Stitt and I went to Dillon, Montana to hit the big "PATAGONIA" sale. We scored a few items apiece. I also just enjoyed some downtime with my family. I hope you did too.

This week looks like this:
Lots of review and practice in all subjects!
Have fun! Clean up!
Enjoy being in Kindergarten for a few more days!

Kindergarten Checkout-
1. Kids have to clean their space in the classroom (bookbox, cubby, and other areas)
2. Pay Mrs. Rose any debts.
3. Return all overdue Library books (see the note that went home today from Mr. Eastman.
4. Clean out hallway cubby for Mrs. Beard.
We will be working on this all week, so be prepared to see lots of stuff coming home.

Today I sent home MAP and DIBELS scores. Please check the RED folder and look for a white envelope. If you have any questions, please see me.

Henry, Logan and Avery have June and July Birthdays. We would love to celebrate you guys on Friday, June 3rd of this week.
It would be great to have 3 different treats. Please email or call me to coordinate this day.

Autobiography shares this Friday at 1:45. Please come to hear your child read their story to you. We will celebrate summer birthdays right afterwards.

Next week includes:
2 full days...
Monday-Skating Rink party (see ORANGE invite in folders today)
8-9 class time
9-9:30 - book signing in the library
9:30-11:30 - Field day events (come and see)
11:30-12:15 - Lunch and Recess
12:15-1:00 - Kickball game (6th grade vs Teachers)
1-1:30- Classrooms
1:30-2:30 Awards and Ceremonies (Come and see)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Griffin Gazette

Our SUPER CRITTERS are going UP...UP...UP! We are meeting out goal! Today Alta kids took the DIBEL test. After checking the results, we get to watch SUPER CRITTERS fly out the DOOR! Only 11 more days of Kindergarten...and then your little one is officially a first grader!!! Wowie, Wow! Wow! I can't believe it. I am so proud of this group. They have accomplished a lot. They are writing a ton. I can't wait for them to read their Autobiographies with you next Friday. They have included a personal narrative as their final writing project.

I am in NEED of magazines to refill my stash for next year. Please send them in!

Thursday, May 26th 7pm - 8pm is the WILD in WYOMING GALLERY walk at the Driggs community center. Please let me know if your child won't be there so that I can make plans.

This week in Reading-
We are in the REVIEW ZONE now. We are reading Homes around the world.
Concept question: What kinds of homes do people around the world build and why?
Snap words- REVIEW!!!!
Skills-Review all vowel sounds concentrating on a and i.
Comprehension skill-Compare and Contrast
See the Family times for more.

This week in Writing-
We are wrapping up our last unit by writing our Autobios...which include a personal narrative. The kids also worked hard to complete a "ME" collage that they will be sharing with you next Friday.

This week in Math-
Name collection posters (working on giving equivalent names for numbers)
What's my rule? Identify function rules and generate numbers that follow those rules.
Hour hand and Minute hand story (introducing the minute hand)
Games include-Top it, Money exchange, Base 10 block exchange, Roll for 1oo, and Time Match

Special events:
Wednesday at 11:00, we will be going to the Alta Library for the 3rd and 4th grader's performance. We will be eating lunch there too. Mrs. Rose is switching Wednesday and Thursday lunches, so make a note.

Monday- May 30th is Memorial day...NO SCHOOL!
Have a wonderful week!
See you soon!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Griffin Gazette

Welcome back! This was my "ROSE" over the weekend. I drove through Yellowstone with my lady friends and we got a real treat coming home. 

Can you believe that there is 16 school days left? 

This week in READING:
We wrap up UNIT 5 with reading This is the way we go to school (A book about children around the world) 
Concept Question: How do children around the world get to school?
We learned that some take helicopters, skis, trolleys, and even a cab. 
Comprehension skill-Draw conclusions
Snap word-Review where and come
See the FAMILY times for more. 
This will be my last week sending home books. Please try to send back any books that you have at home. I am missing a few from sets. 
Even though I am not sending home books, please read with your child, to your child and by your child nightly. 

This week in Writing:
Kindergartners are working hard on their AUTO-biographies. We all have to include a personal narrative in our bio. They are focused and on task. 
Our POST OFFICE is still an on-going Writer's workshop element until the end of the year. We will continue to write letters. Feel free to write us.

This week in Math:
Monday-Function Machine review and learn a new math game called "Clock Memory"
Tuesday-Number gymnastics (develop number sense and ability to manipulate numbers through mental math and SCROLL practice *Please donate a paper towel roll if you haven't yet!
Wednesday-Dollar bill, money exchange and paper practice
Thursday-Dollar game (1's, 10's and 100's)
Friday-Name collection posters and FRIDAY finish

Ongoing observations of the Ant and Worm farms.
We are reading Animals Two by Two this week and comparing animals. We will be doing some worm experiments and hunting for more of course. 
Stay tuned!

Dates to write down:
May 20th 1:45 - PTO idea meeting
May 20th 2:30-5:30 is the SLIDE-A-THON!
May 26th Gallery Walk in Driggs at the Community Center (Time is TBA)
May 30th Memorial Day (No school)
June 3rd Author's Chair (Time is TBA)
June 6th End of the year field trip to Starlight Skating rink in Idaho Falls
June 7th Field Day and last day of school

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We live in a world where it's NOT okay to MOVE your body in all directions at the same time.....
So...I scheduled a time last Friday for an hour to give kids, teachers and MOMS time to shake every part of them.
I was sweating.

But I wasn't the only one. Thanks Patricia for leading a ZUMBA dance afternoon!  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

21 days left...and 3 more griffin gazettes...

Happy Mother's day to all of you!. I hope that you got pampered and spoiled and loved on!
Thank you PARENTS for all you did last week during our DUTIES and all the food deliveries...I think I gained 10 lbs....

Reading this week:
How do people in different parts of the world travel?
BIG BOOK- On the Move (informational text)
Phonics- Vv and Zz
Comprehension skill- Main Idea
When you read this week, talk about the main idea of the book or the chapter. You can even talk about the main idea of activities that you do. 
Books will come home Tuesday-Thursday. Please help me by returning all books that are sent home. If you have any books from this year, please return them ASAP. Thanks!
New Snap words-where and come
See the FAMILY times for more. 

This week in MATH:
We will be reinforcing skills through Everyday Math games this week. If you haven't brought in your dimes, nickels and quarters please do so by Tuesday!!!! We will be having paper practice with our number writing as well.
Skills to be covered-
8.3 - The Hour-Hand Clock (introducing the analog clock, focusing on the hour hand)
8.4 - High Roller Game (addition strategy game)
8.5 - Introduction to Function machines (See homework on Wednesday for extra practice)
8.6 - Number gymnastics game (number sense and ability to manipulate numbers through a mental math game)
Lots of review and assessments this week as well for END of the year REPORT CARDS. Look for these to come home the last day of school with your child.

This week in Writer's Workshop:
We will continue our letter writing frenzy. We got about 4 letters out last week and hope to continue on with this while also reviewing PERSONAL narratives and beginning our autobiography. 
Did you get your MOTHER'S day letter? How cute were they? I cried reading many of them. 

This week marks the end of our WILD in WYOMING 3-D project with Joe and Dondi. They will be here on Thursday to photograph us in our animal masks. 
Gallery is scheduled for May 26th in Driggs. Stay tuned for more!

More Kindergarten visitors this week. Let me know if your child will be missing school. Our ANT FARM and WORM kits arrived....and if anyone is in Victor...let me know...I need to pick them up at the post office. 
Have a great week!
mrs. g

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A math movie and more

This week in READING:
Concept question-What does a train need to get over the mountain?
Interactive READ ALOUD of The Little engine that could
Review the Uu
Snap word review-was, what and said
Comprehension skill-PLOT
SEE the FAMILY times for more.
In reading groups we have been working on reading with a focus. At home, please follow this same routine. Most books come home with a sticky note of reminders for you and your child.
This week we will be brainstorming some questions around reading like...What do you know about reading? Who Reads? What is reading? Why be a reader?

This week in WRITING:
We will have 2 units running at the same time.
We will put some focus on letter writing and begin our UNIT tomorrow by writing authentic "THANK-YOU" letters to our Promethean board donors. Our classroom MAILBOX will be set up beginning Tuesday. Feel free to write us letters and we will write you back.
Kindergarten students have one last writing UNIT and that is Personal Narrative. Your child will be writing their AUTO-biography with a personal narrative included.
We will have an Author's Chair on June 3rd. Stay tuned for more info.

This week in MATH:
Teaching points include the following-
1. Revisiting the Quarter (Explore and discuss) Learning EXCHANGE with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters...
PLEASE bring in 4 nickels, dimes and quarters for our math kits
2. Dice addition games with 3 dice, polyhedral dice and counting on dice (reinforcing our addition skills)
3. Late in the year counting (reinforce and extend children's oral counting skills
4. Name collections with craft sticks (explore equivalent names for numbers)
5. Number scrolls (reinforcing number patterns and place value and to provide number writing practice.
PLEASE donate 1 paper towel roll for our scrolls...we hope to make it past 100!!!

Other news-
Just found out that we won't have the opportunity for LOVE and LOGIC at the Alta school this Spring. Budget cuts!

THURDSAY-We will be heading to Lucy Gillett's house for Cinco De Mayo and a birthday celebration. Please don't pack a lunch. 

Kindergarten will have many visitors over the next few weeks. All 18 kids planning on attending will be spending the afternoons with us in groups of 3 beginning on Tuesday. 

Mother's Day Zumba on Friday from 1:15-2:15...COME IF YOU CAN!