Sunday, May 8, 2011

21 days left...and 3 more griffin gazettes...

Happy Mother's day to all of you!. I hope that you got pampered and spoiled and loved on!
Thank you PARENTS for all you did last week during our DUTIES and all the food deliveries...I think I gained 10 lbs....

Reading this week:
How do people in different parts of the world travel?
BIG BOOK- On the Move (informational text)
Phonics- Vv and Zz
Comprehension skill- Main Idea
When you read this week, talk about the main idea of the book or the chapter. You can even talk about the main idea of activities that you do. 
Books will come home Tuesday-Thursday. Please help me by returning all books that are sent home. If you have any books from this year, please return them ASAP. Thanks!
New Snap words-where and come
See the FAMILY times for more. 

This week in MATH:
We will be reinforcing skills through Everyday Math games this week. If you haven't brought in your dimes, nickels and quarters please do so by Tuesday!!!! We will be having paper practice with our number writing as well.
Skills to be covered-
8.3 - The Hour-Hand Clock (introducing the analog clock, focusing on the hour hand)
8.4 - High Roller Game (addition strategy game)
8.5 - Introduction to Function machines (See homework on Wednesday for extra practice)
8.6 - Number gymnastics game (number sense and ability to manipulate numbers through a mental math game)
Lots of review and assessments this week as well for END of the year REPORT CARDS. Look for these to come home the last day of school with your child.

This week in Writer's Workshop:
We will continue our letter writing frenzy. We got about 4 letters out last week and hope to continue on with this while also reviewing PERSONAL narratives and beginning our autobiography. 
Did you get your MOTHER'S day letter? How cute were they? I cried reading many of them. 

This week marks the end of our WILD in WYOMING 3-D project with Joe and Dondi. They will be here on Thursday to photograph us in our animal masks. 
Gallery is scheduled for May 26th in Driggs. Stay tuned for more!

More Kindergarten visitors this week. Let me know if your child will be missing school. Our ANT FARM and WORM kits arrived....and if anyone is in Victor...let me know...I need to pick them up at the post office. 
Have a great week!
mrs. g

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