Sunday, May 1, 2011

A math movie and more

This week in READING:
Concept question-What does a train need to get over the mountain?
Interactive READ ALOUD of The Little engine that could
Review the Uu
Snap word review-was, what and said
Comprehension skill-PLOT
SEE the FAMILY times for more.
In reading groups we have been working on reading with a focus. At home, please follow this same routine. Most books come home with a sticky note of reminders for you and your child.
This week we will be brainstorming some questions around reading like...What do you know about reading? Who Reads? What is reading? Why be a reader?

This week in WRITING:
We will have 2 units running at the same time.
We will put some focus on letter writing and begin our UNIT tomorrow by writing authentic "THANK-YOU" letters to our Promethean board donors. Our classroom MAILBOX will be set up beginning Tuesday. Feel free to write us letters and we will write you back.
Kindergarten students have one last writing UNIT and that is Personal Narrative. Your child will be writing their AUTO-biography with a personal narrative included.
We will have an Author's Chair on June 3rd. Stay tuned for more info.

This week in MATH:
Teaching points include the following-
1. Revisiting the Quarter (Explore and discuss) Learning EXCHANGE with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters...
PLEASE bring in 4 nickels, dimes and quarters for our math kits
2. Dice addition games with 3 dice, polyhedral dice and counting on dice (reinforcing our addition skills)
3. Late in the year counting (reinforce and extend children's oral counting skills
4. Name collections with craft sticks (explore equivalent names for numbers)
5. Number scrolls (reinforcing number patterns and place value and to provide number writing practice.
PLEASE donate 1 paper towel roll for our scrolls...we hope to make it past 100!!!

Other news-
Just found out that we won't have the opportunity for LOVE and LOGIC at the Alta school this Spring. Budget cuts!

THURDSAY-We will be heading to Lucy Gillett's house for Cinco De Mayo and a birthday celebration. Please don't pack a lunch. 

Kindergarten will have many visitors over the next few weeks. All 18 kids planning on attending will be spending the afternoons with us in groups of 3 beginning on Tuesday. 

Mother's Day Zumba on Friday from 1:15-2:15...COME IF YOU CAN!

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