Monday, May 16, 2011

Griffin Gazette

Welcome back! This was my "ROSE" over the weekend. I drove through Yellowstone with my lady friends and we got a real treat coming home. 

Can you believe that there is 16 school days left? 

This week in READING:
We wrap up UNIT 5 with reading This is the way we go to school (A book about children around the world) 
Concept Question: How do children around the world get to school?
We learned that some take helicopters, skis, trolleys, and even a cab. 
Comprehension skill-Draw conclusions
Snap word-Review where and come
See the FAMILY times for more. 
This will be my last week sending home books. Please try to send back any books that you have at home. I am missing a few from sets. 
Even though I am not sending home books, please read with your child, to your child and by your child nightly. 

This week in Writing:
Kindergartners are working hard on their AUTO-biographies. We all have to include a personal narrative in our bio. They are focused and on task. 
Our POST OFFICE is still an on-going Writer's workshop element until the end of the year. We will continue to write letters. Feel free to write us.

This week in Math:
Monday-Function Machine review and learn a new math game called "Clock Memory"
Tuesday-Number gymnastics (develop number sense and ability to manipulate numbers through mental math and SCROLL practice *Please donate a paper towel roll if you haven't yet!
Wednesday-Dollar bill, money exchange and paper practice
Thursday-Dollar game (1's, 10's and 100's)
Friday-Name collection posters and FRIDAY finish

Ongoing observations of the Ant and Worm farms.
We are reading Animals Two by Two this week and comparing animals. We will be doing some worm experiments and hunting for more of course. 
Stay tuned!

Dates to write down:
May 20th 1:45 - PTO idea meeting
May 20th 2:30-5:30 is the SLIDE-A-THON!
May 26th Gallery Walk in Driggs at the Community Center (Time is TBA)
May 30th Memorial Day (No school)
June 3rd Author's Chair (Time is TBA)
June 6th End of the year field trip to Starlight Skating rink in Idaho Falls
June 7th Field Day and last day of school

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