Monday, October 25, 2010

GRIFFIN gazette...

question- How do machines help people work together?
Letter of the week- Tt (Bring your T sharing all week long)
Comprehension skill- Classify and Categorize
SEE the Family Times for more...came home tonight!
AND...Halloween Happening.

Skills include- Making lists, putting our lists into books, editing and fancying up, writing thank-yous

*Tricky teens
*oral counting and recognizing teen numbers through movements
*Teen Partners
*Estimation Jars
*Halloween number stories

Leaves (building a character with leaves from Wyoming, Idaho, Austria and back EAST...)
Halloween (History and fun crafts and games)

Halloween Parade will begin shortly after school starts (8:00ish) on Friday, October make sure your child comes in costume. Please don't send any pretend weapons for the Halloween parade and them for Trick or Treating...

Class party starts at 1:30 - 2:25 (Feel free to sure to wear your costume!)

The BIG room puts on a "SPOOK ALLEY" every year in the gym. Kindergarten is invited to go. I have made an executive decision this year to take them with the lights on. In the past, they think they can make it and it's too scary. Please let me know if you would not like your child to go in at all.

As PARENT/TEACHER conferences ease up on us...NOVEMBER 10th and there a day that works better for you? or a time? I usually begin conferences around 3:00 and set aside 3o minutes. Please email me personally if you have a specific request!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poppas and Pumpkins

 I love October...and I love pumpkins...and for the last few years I have invited the "poppas" in for a kid + DAD = pumpkin carving madness afternoon of's a huge hit...this year the first graders joined us too...because last year I was on maternity leave and didn't get to organize it for them...
 the double attack technique
 making a plan

 Happy Halloween!
Thanks ARE the best.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DELAYED Griffin Gazette :)

Hope this finds you well. Please know that I missed your little ones. I learned a lot though and I am excited to implement things this week and for the rest of the year. 

This week in Kindergarten...
Read Julius by Angela Johnson (Interactive Readaloud)
QUESTION: How do people and animals work and play together?
*Learn all about characters in a book
*LETTER of the week /Mm/ 
*Snap words are *to and *a
READING goal: All kids will be able to read snap words isolated and in a sentence by October 27th.
See the FAMILY times for more!
Books come home tonight. Please sit with your child and let them read along side you as you guide, support and read too.
-Counting games
-Prepping for number writing
-Sorting coins
-Number board
More Functional Writing (lists, letters etc.)
Stretching out our stories (Touching the page where the words will go and giving it a try)
Finishing up writing assessment
Writing with a real-life purpose
Fall (trees and leaves)
FALL walk around the school looking for leaves...
Building "CHARACTERS" with our leaves
Poppas and Pumpkins
ALPHABET sharing starts this week. Every week will learn a new letter. This week our letter is /Mm/. Please encourage and guide your child to pick something out at home that starts with our letter of the week and bring it in. WE will be sharing these during snacks.

CEL Training (TEACHER training) at our school this week. You may see a lot of unfamiliar faces, but they are all teachers from the district and our school is hosting this AWESOME training.
OKay, I think that's it!!!!
Have a wonderful week in this BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!
Mrs. G

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I think this speaks for itself...but it was a great exercise to have with a class!

I didn't even have to coach them...they knew all the right things to say...

I think I can do this!


FIRE Prevention Month...

Brian Coe from the Jackson Hole Fire Department visited our school last week to talk to us about FIRE prevention.

Don't be scared he reminded us...

Yell to him...."Over here!!! Over here!!!

Questions for your family:
Do you have a meeting spot in case you have a fire?
Where is it?
Does everyone know?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Griffin Gazette

This week in the Kindergarten Campground...

First, welcome back from your long weekend. I hope it was relaxing and fun. Teachers gathered today in Wilson and worked hard on "School Improvement Goals".  Look for them to be finalized and posted by November. 

Question-How do people in a community cooperate?
Book- Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip
*Look for your child to bring home a decodable reader Tuesday-Thursday. Please read the book with your child and always send it back the next day. 
Letter Recognition: T-Z (Last week in recognition)
Snap words-reteach *little *the
See the FAMILY times that comes home tomorrow for more.
Carrying on as a writer skills include the following-
Picking a tiny seed idea and stretching it out into a story
Introducing Pens and reteaching telling a story across your hand and then touching the page
Making lists (my favorite)
*BASELINE assessment (Writing prompt to see where your little one is)
Spin a number (practice counting and reading numbers)
Patterns all around
Playful oral counting games
Prepping for number writing
Animals and Trees through the seasons
Knuffle Bunny FIELD Trip to Jackson

Other News:
*Wednesday in the AM, we will have a special visitor (Karen Edwards) visiting our school. We have been working with Karen on "High Performance Teams". 

*Thursday at 2:15 is a Fire Drill

October 22nd at 1:30-2:30 is "Poppas and Pumpkins" day. Please bring a SCOOPED out pumpkin, carving tool or tools, a smile and template if you wish for some quality time with your little peanut at school. We will be outside on the PICNIC tables if weather permits, but otherwise in the classroom. Happy Pumpkin Hunting!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

This week's Griffin Gazette

Reading Workshop:
We will read Plaidypus Lost on Monday and again on Friday. 
Letters recognition: O, P, Q, R, S
Snap words (words we should know in a snap): the, little
Comprehension skills: Fiction and Sequencing
See more in the FAMILY times (comes home Mondays in your child's folder) 
Writer's Workshop:
Starting a new Unit (Carrying on as Writers)
Skills will include:
Spelling the best we can and moving on
Revisiting the ABC chart
Introducing Booklets
Widening Writing possibilities: Lists and letters
Everyday Math:
Shape Collages: introducing circles, triangles, squares and rectangles
Shapes by feel
Which way do I go? - spatial vocab and concepts
Spin a number-practice reading numbers 1-10 using a game
THEME work
Continue to visit TREEs...
What Animals are doing right now in the FALL?
WHERE we live (Community)

A boy favorite....DODGE ball
The girls braving the "TIRE swing"....

FRIDAY, October 1st we celebrated the END of our APPLE unit with Mrs. Farrier while eating Martha 's famous Apple Strudel...We also had our first publishing party for Writer's workshop, so we "handled" two birds with one little stone...Thanks Martha.

More Apple Organizing madness
Working together