Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 - 30th

This week we have a SPECIAL guest: Matt Daly *from PARTners
Matt will be in each of our classrooms this week doing POETRY workshops. We are excited to have him during NATIONAL poetry month.

We read Mayday! Mayday! Coast Guard to the rescue
WE are discussing emergency transportation this week. WE hope to have a visit from the WYOMING EMS on Friday.
Our letter of the week is /Xx/
Snap words: yellow, green, blue and for
See the FAMILY times for more!!!!

Numbers in sequence
Reviewing and working on scrolls
Reviewing "What's my rule?"
Ones, Tens, Hundreds game
How long is an HOUR?

Using Authors as Mentors: We are still plugging away at our "DIARY of an animal" books. The kids are working really hard and the books are darling. We are excited to publish and share them with you soon.

Chicken EGGS....OH NO!!!!! The power went off this weekend on Saturday night in my room and so that means the incubator shut off. The eggs didn't make it. We got new eggs today, so here goes round 2. EESH. I guess that's science for yha.

***LATE ARRIVAL on WEDNESDAY the 28th. Kids come at 10 AM. See you then.
***Please turn in your SPRING break surveys by Wednesday, May 5th. We would love your input on a one week or two week SPRING break.
***Coming up: May 10-15 is Missoula Children's Theatre...Stay tuned for more on this later.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindergarten is so cool...

Do you ever dress like this? I love it when kids come to school dressed up...such as the pirate and biker I had awhile back....I had stumbled upon this picture and laughed so hard. Thanks E and A!


Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19 -23

This week is an EXCITING one! We are hatching CHICKEN eggs in an incubator. Our incubator is on....eggs arrive tomorrow (from Deb Daughtery)...the experiment begins and will take 21 days.

Our letters are "Jj and Ww"
We are reading Max takes the train today and discussing realism and fantasy.
See the Family times for more.
OUR BIG LAUNCH this week includes:
Children pair up with a friend and enjoy a book or two. Children are taught how to be good listeners, hold a book with a partner and how to help each other when they're stuck. In our class we call this coaching. We always compliment our friend and when he/she is stuck on a word we simply ask, "Do you want help or time?" If our friend says time, we give our partner 10 seconds (We count in our head). If they choose help, we know many ways to help out.

If our partner asks for help...
1. We might say, skip the word and read the rest of the sentence. Then try it again.
2. Use our fingers to chunk the word into smaller parts.
3. Give hints or clues.
4. Help sound it out.

Have fun practicing this at home too!

Number scrolls (deepen children's understanding of number patterns and place value)
Plus or Minus game (reinforce the meaning of the addition and subtraction symbols)
Double digits with dice and teen number printing
Numbers in sequence
Graphing and tally marks

Writing workshop:
We are working on our Diary of an ANIMAL books this week. We are using "Diary of a Worm" as our mentor text. We are having lots of fun with this writing workshop. It is a stretch and a challenge for us. Stay tuned for more on this.

Printing: Kids are working on printing lowercase letters.

Science: Hatching chicken eggs

**Wasn't today a beautiful SPRING day*** Wow!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We filled our 3rd BEAN JAR for good behavior!!!

So, we filled our bean jar....and we HAD our "P" party right before Spring break...the kids suggested things they wanted at their party...some things were as follows:
A Picnic (instead of pizza)
Popcorn, Peas, and pretzels for snack
Pocket sharing for show and tell
Puzzles, play-place, and puppet shows
PJ parade

WE did it all...and some more...It was a fun day!!! Way to go did it!
Now, we are working for a COZY cave DAY party!!!!

picnic with pirates
munch munch on lunch lunch
A puppy visit!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And we're back...

My Spring Break looked like this....except I didn't get in the ocean due to an OVER abundance of Jelly-fish. We had some fun in the sun. I hope you had fun too! Welcome BACK!!!!

What a wonderful break. I hope this post finds you rested and ready for the wrap up of OUR KINDERGARTEN year. I can't believe it's MID-April. Wow!

We are easing back into things this week. Today we read Abuela. It's a story about a grandmother and her granddaughter who take an adventure through NEW YORK CITY. We shared our adventures over Spring Break. Our letter this week is short /Ee/. Our Snap words are go, here and from.

We begin a new NARRATIVE UNIT in Writer's workshop. We will be working on "small moment" stories. Stay tuned for more. REMEMBER this week is our SCHOOL-wide YOUNG Author's celebration. It begins at 7 PM in the gym. Please come and support these amazing writers and hear what they have to say.

During Math, we are focusing on HOW BIG is a FOOT? "measuring standard and non-standard units, double digits with dice, Name collections of a number, and late in the year counting.

During our science and social studies time, we are focusing on SPRING, POETRY and TREES.

NEW sharing begins this week. We are all done with LETTER sharing. Mystery bag starts tonight. When your child receives the bag, just follow the directions on the front. Have fun!!!!
WELCOME back!!!!