Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 - 30th

This week we have a SPECIAL guest: Matt Daly *from PARTners
Matt will be in each of our classrooms this week doing POETRY workshops. We are excited to have him during NATIONAL poetry month.

We read Mayday! Mayday! Coast Guard to the rescue
WE are discussing emergency transportation this week. WE hope to have a visit from the WYOMING EMS on Friday.
Our letter of the week is /Xx/
Snap words: yellow, green, blue and for
See the FAMILY times for more!!!!

Numbers in sequence
Reviewing and working on scrolls
Reviewing "What's my rule?"
Ones, Tens, Hundreds game
How long is an HOUR?

Using Authors as Mentors: We are still plugging away at our "DIARY of an animal" books. The kids are working really hard and the books are darling. We are excited to publish and share them with you soon.

Chicken EGGS....OH NO!!!!! The power went off this weekend on Saturday night in my room and so that means the incubator shut off. The eggs didn't make it. We got new eggs today, so here goes round 2. EESH. I guess that's science for yha.

***LATE ARRIVAL on WEDNESDAY the 28th. Kids come at 10 AM. See you then.
***Please turn in your SPRING break surveys by Wednesday, May 5th. We would love your input on a one week or two week SPRING break.
***Coming up: May 10-15 is Missoula Children's Theatre...Stay tuned for more on this later.

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