Monday, May 3, 2010

TREES and such.

What a wonderful community full of amazing people...
Saturday we braved the SPRING weather to put 18 trees in the ground. It was a great event. We are so excited about our new trees. Check out our donor HERE!
A big THANK you to all who showed up to help and show support. We couldn't of done it without you.

A few on the back berm...
They will come if there is cider....
A few holes on the playground.
A BIG thanks to REED and JEREMY who had all the right equipment!!!!

ON another note....GRIFFIN GAZETTE at a glance

READING: This week we are reading Messenger, Messenger and discussing what types of transportation people use to do their jobs. A fire truck will be here on Friday for us to view. We will also be learning what to do in case of AN EMERGENCY.
**Letter of the week: /Uu/
Snap words: said, what
See the FAMILY times for more.
**We will be attending the Alta Library on Wednesday at 11:00 for their weekly readaloud. Feel free to join us if you'd like.

WRITING: We will be wrapping up our "DIARY of an animal" book this week and hope to have a publishing party next week some time.
We have been keeping SCIENCE journals for the past two weeks recording our observations on the chickens in the incubator. We have 13 days left to wait. Cross your fingers for some baby chicks. More on the chicks below.

MATH: Wrapping up unit 7...weaving time.
*LOTS of review on sequencing, name collections, money, number grids
*Learning the 1's, 10's and 100's game
*Putting together a class "MATH book"
*Add to our scrolls...some kids are up to 500. WOWie, WOW, WOW.

Life cycles...

FRIDAY, we would like to INVITE all mommies to our school at 10:30 to meet in the LIBRARY. K,1,2 will be hosting a MOTHER's DAY tea. We hope to see you there and celebrate you. We understand if you can't make it....expect a special gift from your little one when they get home. If you are coming, please bring a teacup for you and your little peanut.

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