Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10th - 14th

Griffin Gazette

This week we are busy little DUST bunnies. We have special visitors from Missoula Children's Theatre here all week. Auditions were held Monday morning in the gym from 8:30 - 10:30. It was very entertaining to watch. All kindergartners score the role of "Dust bunnies" in the play. We will be performing at the Driggs Kindergarten Building at 6pm sharp this Saturday, May 15th. Hope to see you there.

READING: WE are having a crazy week with pull-outs and practice, so reading is hit or miss. This week we read "The little engine that could". We talked about something that we had never done, but told ourselves we COULD do it and DID it. Our letter of the week is /Uu/ and check the FAMILY times that came home on Monday for more info.

WRITING: We are wrapping up our Realistic Fiction Unit this week. WE are peer editing and fancy-ing up today. We will be celebrating our Publishing party on Friday. More details to come.

Lots of spiraling (review going on)
*Learning the 1's, 10's and 100's game
*How long is an hour?
*The Hour Hand Clock

Science: Our eggs our set to hatch in 6 days. That is on Sunday. I will be in to check on them. Hopefully we will get some little peepers on Monday. We are soooooo excited.

More NEWS:
This Thursday is the PRE-Kindergarten Screening. I will be in the building, but not in our classroom. Mrs. O' Connell will be our sub. The kids know her well.
Tuesday the 18th the new Kindergartners will make a morning visit to our room. They will be here from 8-11am. We are looking forward to being the big kids.
Thursday, May 20th We have local Author: Lydia Griffin doing a guest Writer's workshop in our classroom.

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