Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sorry this post is late.

READING: We read "On the Move" and discussed how people from different countries travel around. Our letter are V and W.
SNAP words: come and where
see the Family times for more.

*Reviewing hour hand
*Learn how to play HIGH roller and practice our counting up.
*NUMBER gymnastics
*Reviewing Function machines

This Tuesday we celebrated with a PUBLISHING party for our "Diary of an animal" book. The kids did an AMAZING job. I can't believe how much they wrote. It's so cool. They are wrapping up this unit with ANIMAL masks. We started today designing mask for our books. Check them out in the hallway tomorrow.

***BIG news***
Lydia Griffin will be in our classroom tomorrow. She is the author of Beba and the Curious Creature Catchers and Prunes and Rupe. She is also my next door neighbor and we MIGHT just be related somewhere down the line.....ha!
She will be doing a BEBA workshop with our class from 8-11:30 and with 1st and 2nd graders from 12:15-2:30. We are so excited for this special opportunity and it's our last BIG writing project in Kindergarten.

***PRE-Kindergarten VISIT DAY***
Tuesday...we had the FUTURE kindergartners here from 8-11. It was so fun. YOUR kids did an amazing job being the BIG kids for the morning. I was so impressed and so proud of them. Give them a pat on the back.

***Next Tuesday is Pat Euart's last day as our PE teacher. He is going to be missed. We decided as a staff that we were dressing up as coaches for the day. If your child has a TEAM shirt of any kind, have them wear it on TUESDAY May 25th.

***NO chicks have hatched yet. We are bummed.***

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