Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DELAYED Griffin Gazette :)

Hope this finds you well. Please know that I missed your little ones. I learned a lot though and I am excited to implement things this week and for the rest of the year. 

This week in Kindergarten...
Read Julius by Angela Johnson (Interactive Readaloud)
QUESTION: How do people and animals work and play together?
*Learn all about characters in a book
*LETTER of the week /Mm/ 
*Snap words are *to and *a
READING goal: All kids will be able to read snap words isolated and in a sentence by October 27th.
See the FAMILY times for more!
Books come home tonight. Please sit with your child and let them read along side you as you guide, support and read too.
-Counting games
-Prepping for number writing
-Sorting coins
-Number board
More Functional Writing (lists, letters etc.)
Stretching out our stories (Touching the page where the words will go and giving it a try)
Finishing up writing assessment
Writing with a real-life purpose
Fall (trees and leaves)
FALL walk around the school looking for leaves...
Building "CHARACTERS" with our leaves
Poppas and Pumpkins
ALPHABET sharing starts this week. Every week will learn a new letter. This week our letter is /Mm/. Please encourage and guide your child to pick something out at home that starts with our letter of the week and bring it in. WE will be sharing these during snacks.

CEL Training (TEACHER training) at our school this week. You may see a lot of unfamiliar faces, but they are all teachers from the district and our school is hosting this AWESOME training.
OKay, I think that's it!!!!
Have a wonderful week in this BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!
Mrs. G

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