Monday, October 11, 2010

Griffin Gazette

This week in the Kindergarten Campground...

First, welcome back from your long weekend. I hope it was relaxing and fun. Teachers gathered today in Wilson and worked hard on "School Improvement Goals".  Look for them to be finalized and posted by November. 

Question-How do people in a community cooperate?
Book- Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip
*Look for your child to bring home a decodable reader Tuesday-Thursday. Please read the book with your child and always send it back the next day. 
Letter Recognition: T-Z (Last week in recognition)
Snap words-reteach *little *the
See the FAMILY times that comes home tomorrow for more.
Carrying on as a writer skills include the following-
Picking a tiny seed idea and stretching it out into a story
Introducing Pens and reteaching telling a story across your hand and then touching the page
Making lists (my favorite)
*BASELINE assessment (Writing prompt to see where your little one is)
Spin a number (practice counting and reading numbers)
Patterns all around
Playful oral counting games
Prepping for number writing
Animals and Trees through the seasons
Knuffle Bunny FIELD Trip to Jackson

Other News:
*Wednesday in the AM, we will have a special visitor (Karen Edwards) visiting our school. We have been working with Karen on "High Performance Teams". 

*Thursday at 2:15 is a Fire Drill

October 22nd at 1:30-2:30 is "Poppas and Pumpkins" day. Please bring a SCOOPED out pumpkin, carving tool or tools, a smile and template if you wish for some quality time with your little peanut at school. We will be outside on the PICNIC tables if weather permits, but otherwise in the classroom. Happy Pumpkin Hunting!

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