Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Short week...late newsletter!

Mini-Griffin Gazette

Reading: See Family times coming home tonight! Our letter of the week is /O/! Please encourage your child to bring /o/ sharing.

Writing: Congrats to all my authors. I am so proud of you. Thanks to those of you who showed up to hear and support your young author. Stories will come home soon at Parent/Teacher Conferences. I still need to make copies of these wonderful pieces.

Math: We are working on probability, learning a new game called: The Train Game (to help us with counting and concrete addition and subtraction), using a walk-on number line, and learning a game called TOP-it (just like the card game WAR).

Other news:

We have started our YOUNG AUTHOR stories. The ideas that are floating are quite creative. We are excited to share this with you in May during our school-wide YOUNG-AUTHOR celebration.

Next Monday is our last ski day. Feel free to join us and watch your child compete in a race. It's so fun! Bring your camera!

The cross-country ski unit is all done in PE. The kids are now perfecting their HOCKEY skills. Ask them all about it.

Kindergarten filled their 2ND BEAN jar for GOOD BEHAVIOR and are being rewarded today with Chocolate-chip friendship bread. YUM!

Have a wonderful short week!
Mrs. G

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