Monday, February 22, 2010

News and MORE...

Well, it was our last ski day today. WE MADE it!!!!! Other than a few disappointments....during the reward ceremony...we made it! Everyone had fun today during our RACEs....we even had some winners! Congrats to every all the Kindergarteners for competing....I am proud of you!

Reading: We read Hyde Clyde today. Our magic letter is still /Oo/ because it is a vowel. Feel free to have your child bring in SHORT /o/ sharing!
See Family Times!

Math: How did "TOP-IT" go at home? Did you play?
Does your child know their address? phone number?
Can they count by 2's?

Writing: We are working our WAY through Young Authors. We are planning our stories now...and will begin writing tomorrow. Our Art for OUR story should begin on Friday. Would anyone like to help? Let me know. I need some extra hands. Let me know.

Happy Monday!

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