Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week before break.

Hello everyone! I am looking forward to next week as are the kids. I hope everyone has a wonderful travel week or some nice relaxing time at home. We will be headed to Panama City Beach. See below our condo. :)

Our week looks like this:
If you could go to Antartica (Interactive Readaloud) 
Letter of the week: /Ee/
Snap word soup: go, here, from
See the family times for more. 
Books will come home Tuesday-Thursday so please help by reading them and sending them back the following day.

We will be working on a WRITING PROMPT taking a little break from our EXPERT "Animal" books.  We will pick back up with our Expert books on Thursday and Friday. The kids and I expect to be finished by next Friday. We hope to have an Author's Chair too. More information on that to come.

Penny and Nickel review (Exchange game)
Shape Museum: We are learning about  cubes, spheres and cylinders. Please bring in some if you have some around your house.
Reviewing Symmetry
Counts to measure time
Reviewing graphs and surveys

Spanish this week:
Goldilocks and the three bears (Salsa video) 

So many hearts this little boy touched. We will be thinking of him and his family this week.

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