Monday, April 4, 2011

And we're back! some of us.

Glad we had a nice week off to enjoy our family. I sure did. I had some crazy adventures...

Reading this week:
Kindergartners will read Abuela (a fiction story) by Arthur Dorros and discuss setting. 
Question of the week: What kind of adventures can you have in a city?
Phonics skill: Ee
Snap words:
here, go and from
Reading books will come home Tuesday thru Thursday. Please help your child read them and send them back the following day.
Family times will be sent home Tuesday. 

Math this week:
Counts to measure time
Surveys and Graphs
I spy with Shapes
Intro to the Dime
Coin Exchanges
*Help out at home by counting by 5's then stopping and counting by 1's from where you left off.
*Do the same with counting by 10's then ones...
WE are still collecting objects for our shapes museum (cones, cylinders and cubes) 
Mystery Bag sharing starts this Friday. Kids bring in their sharing in a canvas bag with 3-4 clues about what it is. Your child will read the clues to everyone and we will have to guess. Then your child will have a 5 step sharing process: 
1. Name their mystery object
2. Tell a detail
3. Tell a detail
4. Tell a detail
5. I brought it because.... or it's special because...
You might want to practice at home before bringing it in. 

Writing this week:
We are wrapping up our EXPERT books on Wyoming Animal and getting ready to start poetry. The month of April is National Poetry Month and we will be kicking off that Friday afternoon with Joe and Dondi (Wild in Wyoming Project coordinators). Speaking of Friday it's a BIG day. We will be leaving school around 10:30 and heading up to Pendls for lunch. Do not pack a lunch and do not bring money. I got a grant for our class. :) After lunch we will be headed to 460 bread for a tour, break-making and shaping (into our animal of course), then off to the Renaissance center to READ our books to the residents and deliver some bread. We will be back around 1:45 for POETRY fun. Whew! A big day. 

*Just a little note: if you head on over to the Teton County School District website (it's on my sidebar) will see that next year's calendar has been approved if you are making will have a 2 week SPRING break!

Other big news: Our Promethean boards have been installed. There is one in every classroom. Come check it out!

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