Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy!

THIS WEEK: We will be celebrating St. Patrick's day on Wednesday with a parade down the hallway on our way to lunch. We will also celebrate my 30th on Thursday with something yummy...don't know what it will be yet!

READING: We are reading One Little Mouse. We are talking about adventures that we go on. Our snap words include: one, two, three, four, five
See FAMILY times for more INFO.

FINDING a GOOD FIT book: Try this skill out at the PUBLIC library or BOOK store.
I look at the book.
P urpose (am I reading for fun or to learn)
I nterest (am I interested in this book)
C omprehend (do I understand what I am reading)
K now (do I know most of the words)

WRITING: We are having so much fun with our CLASSRoom post office. WE are writing letters to home, school and far away. I could use some stamps. I have a book, but would love a donation of few as well. EVEN ONE would be awesome. THANKS!

MATH: We are going to spiral back around this week with....shapes, counting, addition, subtraction, reviewing half, and learning ALL about function machines....stay tuned for math that comes home.

Upcoming events: We are hoping to do a sleigh ride this week at the WILSON's ranch...before the snow melts. I will let you know when so that you can pack the MUD boots.

WEDNESDAY: WEAR GREEN or get gently pinched!!!! hehehe

THURSDAY: 1:30-2:30 We are having a BEACH B-day your child pick out some fun beach wear....even the flip-flops.

Friday: We are hoping to head over to the senior citizen center to read our YOUNG author's books. Stay tuned for more on this as well.

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