Monday, March 22, 2010

And let the countdown begin...

Hello wonderful Alta families. Can you believe it's almost Spring Break? I am so excited about my trip to Florida. Jordy's sister is getting married and Whit gets to see the beach. So fun. Where are you going? What are you doing?

This week we are busy little critters. We are reading an oldie this week..."Goldilocks and the Three bears" We are still talking about adventures that little people can go on...such as Goldilocks did. Today we wrote alternate endings to this great story. Our letter of the week is /Gg/ so please encourage your child to bring G sharing. Our snap words are still the number words: one, two, three, four and five. See the FAMILY times for more info.

During writing we are still busy with letter writing, practicing our sentences, and reading responses. Thanks for all the stamp donations...they will come in handy during our pen-pal exchange.

Math this week:
Slate activities include practice with number writing and other numeration skills
Attribute blocks- sorting blocks according to what they might have in common
What's my rule- introduce a game that helps children think about sorting rules...see HW that comes home tonight.
Two digit number practice and guess my number game
Measurement with children's feet

Themework- Nurse Ross comes tomorrow to talk to us about poisons in school and at home.

We have our counseling lesson with Mrs. Audrey today as well. She has been coming on Tuesdays for 30 minutes to discuss all kinds of being INTERRUPTING while an adult or friend is talking. We talk about NOT being an erupting volcano.

Woodwind concert at 1:45 on Wednesday in the gym.

It's Spring (kind of) we are heading to the Wilson Ranch to check out the baby lambs. We are headed over on Thursday with the 1st and 2nd graders after lunch. Please send MUD boots with your child on Thursday. It will be muddy and messy in the barn if you can help your little one come prepared.

Happy ALMOST Spring BREAK....

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