Sunday, March 7, 2010

little of this...little of that..

It was a busy week last week...but we pulled it off in KINDERGARTEN fashion...check out some highlights in the pictures below!

Me and You feelings BALL with Mrs. Audrey...(She comes every Tuesday)
Dress up at it's BEST....
Pajamas and Seuss!
Friday...was a BUSY and CRAZY day...I added GREEN EGGS and HAM to the mix! Mrs. Blackburn helped in the kitchen and I played waitress to 9 Kindergarteners who were a bit skeptical of green eggs and ham...
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Needless to say they enjoyed them....
It was fun...and funny to watch their faces
Whityn spent the day with us on was an experience for ALL of us!
The kids loved it and couldn't keep their hands off of him...
Everybody let's touch the baby!

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