Saturday, March 27, 2010

MUSIC.....and Meredith had a lot of lambs...lot of lambs...

Wednesday we had the pleasure of having a woodwind quintet + a piano visit our school and play for us. We enjoyed hearing them play and asking LOTS of questions. DID You know that March was NATIONAL music in schools month?

Each musician had an introduction about their instrument.
This was our favorite....DO YOU KNOW what it is???
It's a basoon! Do you know how long it is? It looks smaller than this musician...right?
Find out more!
ON THURSDAY...we went to the FARM....Spring in Alta is awesome.
Meet Meredith Wilson...owner and operator of the Wilson Ranch. Thursday K-2 traveled less than half a mile down the street to meet the new baby lambs. We had such a wonderful time.
Snuggle up with a wee one.
Boys in the barn.
Mrs. Griffin....LOOK!
Milk from mama. what?
AND there is even a black one.
Get in line to view the chickens.
3 amigos

What a wonderful week.

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