Monday, March 29, 2010


Spring break is nearing! Only 5 more days to go. Talk about your plans with your little one. Ask them what adventures are to be had over break?

READING: We read If I could go to Antarctica and discussed had this great discussion about why we would go to Antarctica or why we wouldn't. It was cute. Our letter this week is short /e/. Please encourage your child to bring sharing that starts with our letter or the week. See the FAMILY TIMES for more.

Fishing game *applying attributes to different situations
Guess my number *develop awareness of equivalent names for numbers
Measurement *extend measurement skills by using our feet to measure distances
HOW BIG is a FOOT? *book and standard foot
Tally marks *review tally marks as a way to count and record groups of 5

Wrapping up our POST OFFICE's been so fun to write letters all over. We will continue this at our own interest level, but after SPRING break we are on to another NARRATIVE (small moment story).

OTHER news:
YOUR awesome kiddos EARNED themselves a "P" party on FRIDAY. They have been rewarded for their good behavior. MOST parents ask..."WHY a "P" Party?" The reason is...because everything FUN starts with the letter /p/.
Our day will go something like this:
PACKETS and PUZZLES (USING a pencil and a purple crayon)
POCKET sharing (doesn't have to start with a p, but it does have to fit in your pocket)
Kids should bring a stuffed animal from home that starts with P (pig, penguin, puppy..etc)
WE will be having a POPcorn snack with pretzels and peas (this was your kids' idea)
I will provide a POPSICLE for our PJ-PARADE.
ALL kiddos should come in their PJs!!!!
ANY other fun "P" ideas are welcome and appreciated.

WE are so excited. Talk to your kids about how much I appreciate them being SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE....they earned this!!!!! I am so proud of them. I usually have this party closer to the end of the year. WOW....this is an impressive bunch.

Mrs. G

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