Sunday, March 7, 2010

At a glance!

It's a BUSY and SHORT week. We have Parent/Teacher conferences this week and FRIDAY off so mark your calendars. If you forgot your scheduled time, call or email me at school. I am looking forward to catching up with you about your child.

READING: Unit Four/Let's Explore
We are reading My Lucky Day and we will be discussing adventures. Our letter of the week is /L/. See the Family times tonight for more.

MATH: This week we will be touching on the following...
*Calculator fun
*Roll and record (addition and subtraction)
*Reviewing shapes
*Using slates
*Discussing attributes using blocks
*What's my rule (sorting rules)

WRITING: We wrapped up YOUNG AUTHORs last week. A big PAT on the back to those kindergarteners...they worked hard. Come and take a look at their stories hanging in the hallway. We will celebrate them more in April when we have YOUNG AUTHORS night.
This week we will begin a letter writing unit. We hope to start TOWN pen-pals as well.

*Discussing community with our letters
*Visiting TREES in the SPRING

Have a!
Love, Mrs. G

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