Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 7 {Griffin Gazette}

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend. I did. The Griffins went to the UPICK Red Barn in Idaho Falls. We picked out 4 great pumpkins for 20 dollars. Have you ever been to the Pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls...if you haven't it's awesome....check it out across from the zoo. 

In Reader's workshop this week...
Readers will listen to an interactive READ aloud of Miss Bindergarten takes a field trip. We will focus on Classifying and categorizing information in our stories so that we better understand them.
This is our last week of letter recognition: T-Z
Snap word review: the, little, I and am
Last week we focused on SELF to TEXT connections. We learned that good readers use their schema and prior knowledge in order to take more meaning from the text. This week we will build upon that skill by making more meaningful connections to our self and other text.
See the family times for more information on reading. Please complete the family times with your child. There is no need to send it back.
Please note that Tuesday - Thursday your child will bring a book home to read. The book can be read 3 ways:1.READ pictures 2.READ words 3. RETELL a story
Please make every effort to read with your child and send the book back the following day. You can work this week on making connections while reading a book at home too. It might sound something like this...
Parent: while you are reading to your, that reminds me of the time that I......Does that story, picture or sentence remind you of anything?
Child: Yes, it reminds me of the time that....
Parent: WOW< that's called making a connection..that's what a good reader does to better understand the text. 
In Writer's worskhop....
WRITER's will: 
Revisit how to draw people and heart mapping from last week.
Learn about the ABC chart and add it to their writer's folder.
Learn how to spell the best you can and move on.
Publish a piece of writing.

WE START UNIT 2 in includes:
*Finishing up our "WHERE WE LIVE MURAL" Look for that in the hallway. Kindergartners have a goal of learning their address and phone number by Halloween. We made a huge mural to help us out.
Shape Collages-introducing and reviewing cirlces, triangles, squares and rectangles
Shapes by feel- develop understanding of shapes using the sense of touch
Which way do I go? - reviewing spatial vocabulary and concepts
Spin a number game- reinforce counting and reading numbers 1-10
Reviewing patterns, numbers 1-9, number sense, address and phone numbers.

Other things you should know... 
BAG of leaves due this week by WEDNESDAY.
Health screening is Thursday. Our nurse will be in house screening the students' eyes, ears, and getting some stats like height and weight. 
Remember I am out of the building Thursday and Friday. My sub will be Heather Dolman. I can be reached by phone or email. I am so excited to try out my new skills when I return. 
THURSDAY October 28th- Poppas and Pumpkins...1:15 outside by the Aspen trees. Please bring a pumpkin all scraped out and ready to carve. This is for Dads and kids. However, exceptions can be made if needed.

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