Saturday, September 17, 2011

Playdoh, swimming and centers...oh my!

Friday we wrapped up our WEEK long swim unit and I must admit, it was a huge success. I didn't know how it would look being that for the past 100 years Alta has been traveling up to Green Canyon and the Targhee pool was brand new. But I have to say, it worked out beautifully. The kids seem to love it and so did the TEACHERS. Below is a picture of us FRIDAY hot-tubbing it during the rain! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!
My guppies and goldfish warmed up in the BIG pool on FRIDAY with their ABC chest jumps. Then we played the bobber game where 1's go under the water and when they pop up, the 2's go under! We had 9 out of 11 go under! We had 6 floating backwards with kicks.
We had 3 using BIG arms. We sent 2 up into the TROUT group. So, I would say there were many successes!
Getting dressed and waiting!
Dang. They are so cute huh?
Other than swimming Kindergartners have been becoming quite familiar with the routines of our classroom. They do love their center time. This year I have a crew that loves building science. Here are a few of them...
And then there is the MATH crew...
And the READING/ABC center...
And some kids love love love going to PLAYPLACE...where you can dress up, work in the kitchen and care for the babies.
Friday morning when my students go to school, they had a ball of green homemade doh on there table. They had to roll it into as many worms as they could. They had been working on this skill all week, so I was hoping for quickness and quality. Then they take the worms and form them into letters of their names. They did beautifully. They also had a little fun making some creatures too.

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  1. Such a fun week!! We are going to miss you! I am going to bring in a treat Friday for Molly's last day....what time is best?

    Thanks for all you do!!


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