Monday, September 19, 2011

Griffin Gazette {Week 4}

This week during Reading:
We are reading The little school bus by Carol Roth.
Letter recognition-ABCDE
Snap words (words students should learn and know in a snap) - I, am
Comprehension skills- Character
Every Monday Carol Ogle (PEAK teacher) will be in our classroom to help me differentiate for all learners. 
Please see the FAMILY TIMES that will come home today in your child's folder for more information on our story and skills this week. 
DAILY FIVE- We are reviewing and practicing 
"READ to self" 
Students are to do the following things:
1. Stay in one spot
2. Read the whole time
3. Read quietly
4. Work on Stamina
5. Get started right away.
1. Works with students
Kindergartners are learning about the 3 ways to read a book:
1. Read the pictures.
2. Read the words.
3. Retell a story you know.
This week we will learn how to CHOOSE JUST RIGHT BOOKS. For more information on the DAILY FIVE...go here!

This week in Writing...
We are working on filling the page, growing as artist, oral story telling, making lists, and making charts. Some kids are working on adding labels, writing the first letter in a word, touching the paper where the words will go, and/or if they hear a sound then they WRITE it DOWN!

DURING handwriting...
We are mastering the PERFECT grip and working on starting our letters at the top. See folder tonight for information on the perfect grip and letter formation.

This week in Math...
Review the concept of zero (counting down)
Introducing numbers 1-9 in a variety of activities
Introducing sorting
Sand and water play
Introducing bar graphs

 Other news:
HAVE you checked out our school website lately? 

Monday, September 19th - Jason from Teton Raptor Center is coming out to the Alta School to introduce us to GUS the eagle (who appeared on our vision banner from last year). He will be flying some birds outside in our big field. This is a kick-off for the ALTA EAGLES and for our new PBS (positive behavior support) program.

Wednesday and Thursday - I am at the school, but will be out of the classroom due to professional development called CEL. My sub will either be Lacy Arnold or Joe Lindsay. 

Thursday, September 22nd - OPEN HOUSE at 6pm (Gym)

Friday - Last day for Molly. Please join me in saying goodbye to this GREAT family. We are going to miss them so much!
Alta t-shirts arrive. When your child comes home with their t-shirt on, please know that order forms will come home for additional shirts. 

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