Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 2 {Griffin Gazette}

Mrs. Poduska came for a visit last Friday! She got to see us eating our s'mores!

This week in Kindergarten:
We are working on rules, routines and procedures. Today kids worked on a class mission. 
We are starting our pre-launch unit this week for reading. We read Chrysanthemum today and filled out our name BINGO sheets. We will play BINGO on Wednesday using our classmate's names. We will also read CHICK, CHICKA boom, boom tomorrow and begin letter recognition. The rest of the week will be focused around Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and letters. 

During Handwriting and Writer's workshop we are working on our routines, songs, letter pieces and workshop structure. 
This week we are decorating writing folders, learning how to use them and practicing our story telling skills. 

During math we are working on:
1. Introducing measurement comparisons through a partner activity. (TODAY)
2. Introducing pattern blocks
3. Introducing counting and one to one correspondence through multisensory activities.
4. Introducing the concept of zero, the word and the number "0". 

During Themework (Science/Social studies)
We are focused on getting along in a group (social skills)-Miss Nial our school counselor came today to read us a book about BUCKET FILLING.

We are also learning about temperature. 

Upcoming dates:
ALL ABOUT ME TEE's are DUE this week!
PARENT night, Thursday 8th, 6pm (Plan for half an hour)
SWIMMING UNIT, September 12-16th (every afternoon for 5 days at TARGHEE) More information to come!
OPEN house, Thursday 22nd, 6pm (Plan for an hour)
 Kindergartners are quickly figuring out that CENTER time is an AWESOME time!
 Introducing the 2011-12 Happy Campers!

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