Monday, January 30, 2012

Griffin Gazette for January 30th - February 3rd

1. Start counting and packing your 100 snack items into a zip-lock bag!
Good things to bring: pretzels, m&m's, marshmallows, peanuts, raisins, chocolate morsels, chex-mix, cheerios, or any other small item. We will be making 100th day snack mix! YUM!
2. Buy or bring a simple plain white t-shirt to school between now and Monday, February 6th. We will be creating 100th day t-shirts! FUN!
3. Please bring in a shoe box or cereal box for our ANNUAL valentine box day!!! Wahoo.
4. Tracy Poduska will be here on Friday and the writing facilitator (Wendy Hultman) will be here on Wednesday. I am excited for Ms. Hultman to teach writing on Wednesday.
5. VOLUNTEERS: I am still needing felt scraps cut...A BIG thanks to Becky and Liz for cutting MUCH burlap! :)
This week in reading...
We are reading some good read-alouds such as "Too many tamales" and "Animals should definitely not wear clothing" to learn more about inferring while reading.
This will be on going for the rest of the year and you will notice a gradual release of responsibility.
Questions for your little reader:
How do use what we know (schema) and clues from the text to make an inference when we read?
How do readers use inferences to draw conclusions?
Letter of the week: Dd
Snap words of the week: look, see

Writing this week...
Writers explore summarizing versus storytelling.
Interactive writing while focusing on conventions.

This week in math ...
We will be reviewing our teen numbers.
We will be wrapping up unit 3 by practicing pocket problems, assessments, and multi cultural games.

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