Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kindergarten snow bunnies!

Yesterday we had our first SKI day at Targhee! It couldn't of been more perfect. It was sunny, warm and amazing. We never took a break in doors..we even enjoyed our snack outside in the sunny weather. For the next 5 weeks Mondays will a tiring way to begin our week. Please make every effort that your little K's get plenty of rest on Monday after a big ski day.

This week in READING...
We are focused on the comprehension strategy: Back up and reread
Our letter this week is still /Ii/!!! When we learn a vowel, we usually concentrate on it for 2 weeks so we can really master the sound.
Snap words: for, he
We are reading Whose Garden is it?
The text is Realistic Fantasy and we are learning more about text like that. We talk about how the things could all happen, but that animals don't wear clothing or actually talk to each other.
Today we will use the same text to begin learning more about about ASKING QUESTIONS before, during and after reading. We will be practicing this skill whole group and learning why readers even ask questions.

This week during writing we will be taking our PLAN of our small moment story and really focusing on the CHARACTER in our book. We will be doing a thoughts and feelings survey for our character so that we can really understand them so that they can really develop in their story.

During Math this week:
Measurement with objects and measuring the BLUE whale...
More Pocket problems (understanding addition and subtraction)
Number card games (sequencing and number recognition)
Continue using Math workbook (to practice skills and writing numbers)

Other things:
Way to go PARENTS for remembering all of your child's ski stuff....checks and snacks and/or snack money! You deserve a HUGE pat on the back! I am so fortunate!!!!

Wednesday, January 11th is our BANANA split day. We have been working hard on our goal of getting dressed in under 3 minutes...and we have consistently met it now for weeks. Wahoo! 

Thursday I will be out. Heather Dolman is my substitute. I am headed to Idaho Falls to check on my eyes after my lasik surgery last year. No worries...just a follow-up.

Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King's birthday. There is no school for students.

Monday, January 23 is National Handwriting Day.  Please help me by donating between now and then stationary, envelopes, pens, little notes...cards...etc. We will be celebrating by taking time out of our day to write handwritten notes, letters, cards to people that might need it in our school or in our community. This will be during handwriting/Writing time. Feel free to stop in and deliver your child a handwritten note or send one in their folder. Or you could just stop by and write with us.

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