Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome back y'all!

You might notice that I sound more southern....well, that happens when I spend 10 days with my mom and dad. We had a blast hunkering down...cooking...baking...EATING...and just being together. I hope you had a nice break too!
It was nice to be back in a routine today as all settled in at school. I missed your little love-bugs and was happy to receive hugs, touches, smiles and snuggles! What a sweet little crew!

WE are are back at it here in Kindergarten!
This week in reading we will be learning the letter: /Ii/
Snap words this week include: for, he
This week we will focused on the plot of a story. We will be reading many texts as we discover what the sequence of events is. This is perfect too for writing as we will begin our "personal narratives" this week. Today we began by looking at our heart maps from the beginning of the year to make a list of ideas that we might want to STREEEETTTTCCCCHHHH out into a story. This will be our YOUNG AUTHOR's focus this year. I look forward to teaching this unit and having it highlighted in the Spring at our YOUNG AUTHOR's celebration.

Math this week includes:
Number practice
Domino concentration
Pan balance review
Pocket Problems (simple addition and subtraction)

Other things to know about:
Skiing begins next MONDAY. Remember to dress your child accordingly and bring all appropriate equipment to school. Stay tuned for more about skiing later in the week.

Tardy note came home today. Please know that on 8 tardies your child will spend lunch/recess in my classroom. On the 10th, they have to stay after school. Yikes. Give your BEST effort to have your child here to school on time.

Classroom shoes are a must. Wet boots aren't allowed in the classroom. Please pack or leave a pair of shoes here for the classroom.

Classroom goal WAS to DRESS for RECESS in 2 minutes or less....we have spent 3 weeks in training and as a class we haven't met it...after spending some time today studying our goal...we decided that everyone is under 3 minutes so maybe we should change the goal...we did!
WE also said that if we can continue to dress in 3 minutes or less until next Tuesday then on Wednesday we will be REWARDED with BANANA splits...cause January the 11th is National Banana Split day....:)

Volunteers begin the week of the 9th...here is what I have:
Wednesday 9:15-10:00 Crista  10:45:11:20 Liz
Thursday 9:15-10:00 Kurt or Becky (I still have the 10:45 slot open...let me know if you are interested)

WANTED: Snowboarding instructor for the next six Mondays...let me know if you are INTERESTED...

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