Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GRIFFIN GAZETTE: Friday sharing begins

READING this week:
The family times that I send home will be covering the letter of the week and the snap words, but no longer the books. They don't always align with our new KINDERGARTEN reading maps! Please keep doing them, but know that the story isn't always are weekly story.
Letter this week: R
Snap words: with, she, was, me
Comparing fiction and nonfiction during reading and writer's workshop.
Learning about VERBS.
ASKING questions: What kinds of questions do readers ask themselves before they read...while they read and after they finish a book? What makes a good question?
Today we learned about question dice (some kids will be bringing them home tonight for homework)...
Kids practiced rolling the dice while we read and used what word it landed on to help us make a question about what we were reading...
How, What, Why, Which, Where, When, Is...etc.

Begin learning about GOOD LEADS! What makes you want to keep going? What is a good lead? Why? We will be reading lots of GREAT books like:
Owl Moon, Where the Wild Things are, Night Driving, Grandpa Loved, Blue Moon Tortilla...and many more.

Wednesday, January 25th we will be leaving our school heading to the PUBLIC library for story-time led by Ms. Crista Pentz. We are so excited that we got invited.

Math stuff:
Probability and the probability tray
Shape ART and craft stick patterns
Train games (addition and subtraction)
Number writing practice

Some things to know:
Monday was NATIONAL HANDWRITING DAY! WE celebrated by writing handwritten letters to someone we care about with the middle room. Please bring in any handwritten letters that you have at home from grandparents. If you have a grandparent that might be interested in writing our class a letter, let me know.

The middle room visits us to write letters too
Heading to the stationary and envelopes...gotta seal this puppy up!
Best printing!
Room full of 22 kids! :)

Some parents have contacted me about setting up a meeting time between now and our March conference time. If you would like to do that as well, let me know please. I am more than happy to meet with you about any concerns that you might have.

Friday sharing begins this Friday. If your child would like to bring something to share we will begin a more formal sharing process. Kids seem to be very interested in sharing stuff all the time right now. So FRIDAY is our new day!

TO MY VOLUNTEERS THIS WEEK: I need your help with a FABRIC project coming in February so if you are volunteering in my classroom this week I am hoping it's okay if you can help me with cutting BURLAP and FLEECE. Please let me know if you are not okay with this so that I can find some more volunteers. I am working with the Art teacher Ms. Farrier on a big FABRIC project. We cover FABRIC in science....and will begin in February!

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  1. Hey Mrs Griffin, can't wait to be back on track with volunteering. I would love to schedule a time to meet before the March dates if that works out. thanks again for all the updates, we love them.


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