Monday, February 6, 2012

Tuesday is the 100th day! Wahoo!

Wowie Wow Wow! Can you believe your little kindergartner is 100 days smarter?  I can't! I am very excited to be celebrating the 100th day with my class. We are going to be having lots of fun! We will be making some shirts that look like this...
 We will be making some trail mix that looks like this...everyone is supposed to bring in 100 pieces of some type of snack mix and we are mixing them all together to make 100th day trail mix! Yum!
 This week in reading:
Our letter is Ff.
Our snap words are review: for, with, look and see
WE are still focused on Inferring while reading. We will be focusing on one anchor lesson all week using different texts. Readers will determine meaning of unknown words by using their schema, paying attention to textual and picture clues, rereading, and engaging in conversations with others.
Some texts include but are not limited to the following:
Grandfather Twilight
How many days to America?
Oliver Button is a sissy
Fly away home

Books will be coming home Tuesday - Thursday with your child. Please read them...and ALWAYS send them back the following day. This helps me with your child's reading group. Keep tracking READING minutes on the reading log. Logs are due at the end of the month.

Book order books should be delivered on Tuesday. Please let me know if your books are a Valentine surprise.

Writing Workshop:
This week in kindergarten we will be wrapping up our YOUNG AUTHOR'S stories. Kids are learning about possible endings, how to add to a piece of writing, conventions, and revision. During our reading and writing times we will spend quite a bit of time on our illustrations for your Young Author's book. Our illustrations are made up of 4 pieces: Cover, character, setting and action. This is a huge project and volunteers this week will likely see lots of cutting, pasting, planning and gluing!
Speaking of glue: our class needs gluesticks....if you have any around the house or if you would like to donate more, please do!

During Math this week:
number line math (practicing addition and subtraction) 
Pattern block practice
Top it and more card games
Playing addition top it
Teen practice with dice (practice identifying teen numbers at home and writing them too)
Pattern block template 

Other things to know:
This week through the end of the month students will complete a variety of assessments for reading, math and writing. 
Conferences are the last week in February. If there is a better day that works for you, please let me know as soon as you can. 

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