Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last day in January and here comes FEBRUARY!!!!

January has been busy....Friday was filled with painting paper for our Young Author's books.

We had the BEST volunteers working hard.

We also got to pretend to be HAROLD....and decided what to do with our purple crayon.

More paper making for our books.

Paint...paint and more paint...

Can you believe it's almost February? Yikes. I am out of the building until Wednesday. I have "TEACHER training" in Kelly, Wyoming. I am bummed to be gone, but Ms. Cammy Lawson is my sub. The kids know her well now.
Monday is our SKI day. Be sure to be prepared. Please send your child with a snack or a dollar for the general store. Please do not send more than 2 dollars so that your little one doesn't load up on sugar. WE would love to have more FREE ski VOLUNTEERS that show up around 2:30 and ski until 4pm. If it works for you, just show up. THANKS.

Reading this week:
We will read SEEDS by Ken Robbins. WE are talking about how people, plants and animals grow and change this week. While we read, we are working on drawing conclusions. Remember that when your child reads to you at home.

Letter of the week: /Oo/
Comprehension skill: Draw conclusions
See the FAMILY times for more. 
Folders come home Monday. 

Writing this week:
We will take a YOUNG AUTHOR's break while I am gone on Monday and Tuesday. Kindergartners will be working on WRITING about READING. They will write about what they learned in SEEDS and also get to do some "FREE time" writing where they can write about what they want to write about in their ANYTIME journals. 
Wednesday we will resume with YOUNG Author's workshop. Kids are in the middle of "WRITING the WORDS" in their practice books. WE talked about how this book will be different because I am typing the words when they are all done. They are very excited about that.
Kindergartners will also be working on the ART that goes with their books this week. They will be making a CLOSE-up of their character, an action scene, the setting and a COVER page all using the CUT and PASTE method with their "MADE paper" should be fun.

MAth this week:

*Using slates to practice 2 digit number writing
*Guess my number ( a game used to develop awareness of equivalent names for numbers)
*Review the pan balance
*Subtraction on the number line
*Count with Calculators
*Measurement with Children's feet

Have a wonderful week. 
Mrs. Griffin

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