Monday, January 24, 2011

SKI DAY today...GREAT way to start a week.
TODAY in Computer class your child will be taking the MAP test. I will share these results with you during the first week of March at our CONFERENCE.

Friday: Allison and Martha will be volunteering in our class from 10:15-11:15 for PAPER making. This is part of the YOUNG author's project, so stay tuned to see the final products.
This week conferences:
Wednesday: MacMillans and Gilletts
Thursday: Arnolds and Daytons
Friday: Heberts
Looking forward to catching up with you.

This week in Reading: 
We are reading Farfallina and Marcel today. We will be discussing how friendships change.
Phonics: Ff
Comprehension skill: plot
See the FAMILY times for more.
READING homework comes home Tuesday - Thursday. Please read the book with your child and SEND it back to the FOLLOWING day. We reread these books in our reading groups so it's important that they come back each day. Thank you for your help with this.

This week in Math:
What's my rule? (a game that helps children think about sorting rules)
Number stories (develop more understanding of mathematical symbols and language for addition and subtraction)
Two digit numbers (practice reading, writing and representation of these numbers)
Order of Events (increase awareness of the passage of time)
*On Wednesdays Jodeen Tebay (PEAK teacher) has been visiting our Kindergarten room to help enrich some students' math skills. She is working along side me at times and pulling out during others.

This week in Writing:
We are continuing on with our YOUNG AUTHOR's planning.
Some mini lessons include:
*How to have a good beginning
*Telling the story across your hand, touching the page, then WRITING it down.
*Author's craft

Have a wonderful week.
mrs. g

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