Sunday, January 2, 2011


 LG packing up her entire cubby before leaving for Christmas break.
 HM sipping hot cocoa post sleigh ride 
Nothing like a little Christmas story to seal the deal....

And that was all 2010....
Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2011! I hope your Winter break was relaxing, enjoyable and adventurous. Mine sure was. I will spare you the details...and spill them all to your "little critter" tomorrow morning. 

Griffin Gazette First post '11
This week in Reading...
We will be reading Little Panda from Unit 3 *WATCH ME CHANGE* on Monday morning and honing our comparing and contrasting skills. 
Letter(S) of the week- B and N
Snap words- me, with, she
Comprehension skill- Comparing and Contrasting
A few new routines will fall into place this week:
1. After lunch instead of NAP time...Kindergarten students will now focus on their independent reading time while I float around conferring with kids. If your child needs a rest, it will be offered as a choice during CENTER time later in the afternoon.
2. Students are practicing their daily 5 (FIVE days a week)
The Daily Five Consists of:
Reading to self
Reading to a friend
Writing about reading
Word work
Listening to books being read
3. Books will begin coming home again Tuesday - Thursday. Please help by listening to your child read and SENDING the book BACK the FOLLOWING day even if you forgot to read it. This is our reading routine and we use the book during our small group time. 

This week in Writing...
We WRAP up our first "Nonfiction EXPERT BOOK" unit and would like to invite you to our Writing Celebration on Friday at 1:45 in the Kindergarten room. We will be having a MUSEUM-type share with a FUN little activity. Hope you can make it. 

This week in Math...
We start Unit 4 and it includes the following areas of study this week:
Number line (addition and subtraction strategies)
Top it (introduce a game that reinforces number recognition)
Pattern block template 
Addition symbol 
Follow my pattern
*Ways to help at home
1. Count by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's
2. Count backwards
3. Ask your child the NEXT number...if you say 44, ask them what the next number will be.

This week's DETAILS...
BE PREPARED for the TARDY letter that is coming home Monday from Mr. Starkey. We are enforcing this so to be aligned with the rest of the district.

WINTER sports begins MONDAY, January 11th...stay tuned for more on this. 

ALL children must have CLASSROOM shoes besides their WINTER boots. Please help me with this as it keeps our carpets warm and toasty. 

Library books are DUE every Wednesday.

PE shoes should be left at school for TUESDAYS. Mr. Hoffman appreciates your cooperation. 

I will be out of the building on WEDNESDAY, January the 5th. I am taking a personal day. Ms. Lawson will be my sub. She is awesome!!!!

Welcome back. I've missed you. 
See all my VOLUNTEERS the week of January the 10th!!!! Is everyone good on the schedule?
Mrs. Griffin

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