Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK week

Did you know that the FREEDOM MARCH is an hour from Mrs. Griffin's hometown? Today...this week...DO SOMETHING KIND for someone just because. Hope you enjoy your day off it you have it...and if not...consider it a DAY ON...and Pay it forward.

This week will be a short week at the ALTA school. We will resume WINTER SPORTS January 24th so be READY!
January 24th is also C.R's last day in Kindergarten at the Alta school. We will be celebrating her BIRTHDAY and having a "going away" party on Friday the 21st at lunch. DO NOT PACK LUNCH for your child because we will have a PIZZA party in my classroom. We will enjoy cupcakes at the end of the day for her b-day. I am so sad to see this family leave. We love the "R" family. 

Another person we are sad to see go is Melissa Christensen...our AWESOME janitor. Her last day will be Tuesday. Another Christensen is in training and will start Wednesday. Her name is Sheena. Be sure to say hello.

This week I will begin my mini-conferences during SPECIALS and after school...please be prompt as I am taking my planning time to meet with you. This will be a more informal meeting just to catch you up and talk about your little one. See you then.

LET me know if you can volunteer next Friday, January 28th from 10:15 - lunch for PAPER making. 

We are reading "SEE HOW WE GROW" by Katacha Diaz
Genre: Biography
We will be talking about how we have grown and changed since we were a baby. Please send a baby picture, toddler picture and a RECENT picture in to school. We will be sharing them this week. 
Comprehension: Cause and Effect
Snap words: see and look
See the  FAMILY times that comes home Tuesday night for more. 

We will pick up where we left off with our character development. Last week kids chose a character that they want in their story, molded it out of clay, drew it, wrote about it....AND THEN added other characters too. Kids also began the brainstorming process for their story idea....there are some good ones this year. Stay tuned. 
This week we will talk about settings and create one for our story and also begin story mapping. 

This week we will be engaging in the following activities
*Shape comparisons 
*The Subtraction symbol
*Slate activities
*Introduction to attribute blocks
**THINGS you can do at home include:
counting by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's backwards from 20...and by 1's from any number...
Addition with snack or with toys...
Continuing to practice # and address

Hope this post finds you well...and I look forward to catching up with you soon.
Mrs. Griffin

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