Sunday, February 6, 2011

100th day WEEK!!!

Monday: Our 3rd Ski day...REMEMBER to bring all of your ski stuff! Parents feel free to stop in around 2:30 to FREE ski with your child or help be another pair of eyes. 

TUESDAY is a BIG's the 100th day of school!
We need your help. Please bring a ziplock bag with 100 of your choice of the following items:
cereal pieces
chocolate morsels
OR any ideas you have. 
We will be making this.....100th day trail mix snack! During Math we will estimate which bag is heaviest and lightest and check to see using the PAN balance. We will be using the items for some measuring too. THEN, we will enjoy in our snack!!!!
We have several fun activities planned, so stay tuned to see pictures. Tuesday is also the KICK-off day of our CROSS country ski unit during PE. Please bring your stuff if you have it and if not, we have plenty. Feel free to come on Tuesdays for 4 weeks at 9:30-10:15 to help out on the track. It should be a ton of fun. It's always nice to have kids bring a pair of gloves for CC skiing and a pair for RECESS...just a thought.

*Bring in a shoebox, oatmeal can or something that we can decorate as our VALENTINES box.

Reading this week:
READ aloud book is Hide Clyde and we will working on Visualizing the MAIN IDEA when we read. 
Letter is /Oo/ again because we do VOWELS for 2 weeks. See the FAMILY times for more and please READ books that are sent home Tuesday-Thursday and ALWAYS send back to school. We reread them during READING groups!!!

Math this week:
Count with Calculators
100th day activities
Measurement with Children's feet
How big is a foot?
Count by 5's 

Writing this week:
Finishing up our YOUNG authors and buddy editing. I will begin to type the stories and hope to finish. Kids will also work hard on the ART for their books which include:
Setting picture, Action or Problem picture and their COVER. 
YOUNG author's deadline is February 16th. Your child's book will be entered into a DISTRICT level contest. Stay tuned for results in April. 

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