Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short week.

I bet if they were alive...they would be out skiing. Hmmmm.
Short week this week...hope you enjoyed your 4-day weekend with your little ones...I did. We had friends in town with little ones...so our house was complete with snacks, naps and fast-paced little ones.
WEDNESDAY night from 3-5pm in the LIBRARY is our YOUNG AUTHOR's judging night. If you would like to be a part of this, please come on in. You will be judging stories from other grades and not your own child's grade. We could use the help and snacks will be provided. 
Thursday- We will have a variety of visitors in our building including the superintendent Pam Shea, Kathy Milburn (Math facilitator) and Karen Edwards (specialist that checks in with teachers on their continuous classroom improvement). We will have a rotating sub through the whole school while she observes and offers feedback to the teachers. 
Friday- I will be out of the building due to appointments in Idaho Falls. 
We will have a RECESS REFRESHER class for the whole school. Please help your child to remember the BIG 5.

This week in READING:
We will be reading My Lucky Day and learning about cause and effect. 
Letter of the week: Ll
Snap words: do, are, that
See the FAMILY times for more.

This week in MATH:
5.8 - Count by 5's, Graphing sums of dice throws, reviewing the nickel, addition games
5.9 - Tally Marks, making equivalent names for numbers
5.10 - The Raft game (reinforce counting by 5's and introduce exchanges through a game) 

Beginning this week in Writer's Workshop...AND SCIENCE
We start yet another BIG PROJECT. WE are embarking upon another EXPERT book about Wyoming  Animals. This time we will conduct the research. Stay tuned for more updates on this.
Happy Short week.
Mrs. G

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