Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oops, my news is TARDY.

Oops! Sorry I'm late. Happy Valentine's day!!!

I apologize for my LATE-ness! But, better late than NEVER right?
This week in Reading: 
We read Bunny Day and worked on SEQUENCING. We wrote about our FAVORITE time of day in our reading response journals. Our letter of the week is /Hh/ and our new snap words are that, do and are. See the FAMILY times that came home yesterday for more.

This week in Writing:
We are FINISHED with our YOUNG AUTHORS UNIT. :) Insert BIG applause here. Thanks to my INCREDIBLE writing volunteers Deb and Martha. The kids should be very proud of themselves and their books. They look great. They leave our school to travel to the DISTRICT competition February 23rd. Look to your ALTA calendar for an APRIL YOUNG author's night. Should be exciting. This week we are keeping it simple and writing to a prompt. I read Snowflake Bentley. It's about this man loving snow so much that he photographs it and becomes known as the snowflake man. WE talked about how we are unique..and we wrote about it. We are doing our SELF portraits tomorrow and it will hang in the hallway on Friday. Check it out!
This week in Math:
HOW big is a FOOT? Homework tonight on this.
MORE counting: 2's, 5's and backwards
Intro to tally marks and LOTS of new games (like top it "war" and addition TOP it)
 This week we began brainstorming WYOMING animals for OUR next BIG project. WE are involved in a school wide 3-D project called "Alive in Wyoming". Kindergarten will be
-Choosing a Wyoming animal to research
-Creating a mask representing that animal
-Writing an ALL ABOUT book and poetry about their animal
-Learning movement, tracks and DANCE representing that animal
-participating in a SERVICE project using our books and the bakery (stay tuned for more)
-PRESENTING to the community
 PHew...that's a lot...thank goodness for FUN FRIDAYS!
And reading to a buddy.
OH..breaking news...
Next week is our last cross country SKI day. Come on out to join us....and after that we will be having 45 minutes of PE as opposed to 30 minutes. This was requested...and I asked...and WE RECEIVED. :)

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