Monday, March 19, 2012

5 days...til some possible SUN!

Wow. Carson shaved his head this weekend for kids' cancer. St. Baldrick's head shaving events are the fastest growing volunteer driven fundraising opportunity benefitting childhood cancer research.   

This week in Kindergarten we will be trying to survive the last few school days before a 2 week break. The kids are excited. Some are flying to see grandparents...some are driving to see grandparents...some driving to visit friends and other family...some staying put and some that don't know where they are going. I am very much looking forward to camping and some glitz in Vegas.
During reading we are reviewing non fiction text features through text mapping. Kids will be working as a team to hunt and find features in non fiction texts that are copied and glued onto huge strips of paper. So our book is in scroll form. This will give the kids an opportunity to move and work together. Students will also begin to hone in on FACT and OPINIONS.
Our letters this week are /E/ and /G/.
Snap words include: here, go and from

This week in math we will wrap up Unit 4 this week.
1. Two digit numbers
2. Review
3. Cooking (reviewing measurement, counting and adding)
4. Order of daily events (increase awareness of the passage of time and order of events)

Writer's workshop includes
wrapping up our non fiction ALL about book.
Students will be celebrating on Friday. (That is...the kids who come to school)

Other news:
I am sure by now with our small community you have heard the news about Mrs. Griffin! If's a hint!

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  1. Congratulations Lauren! That's very exciting news! I hope you haven't been too sick. Have a great spring break vacation!


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